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Pet sitting at your home

Home visits for while you are away

A qualified pet sitter will drop-in and visit your home to spend some one-on-one time with your pet.

Pet sitting services are suitable for all types of pets who would feel more comfortable in their own environment.

Pet care at home is a safer and less stressful choice for all pet types than a commercial pet hotel.

How does it work?

Securing a pet sitting booking with Pawshake is easy and safe.

1. Search for a sitter

Choose from a range of experienced pet and dog sitting professionals nearby.

2. Organise a free meet and greet

Meet your sitter for free before you make a pet sitting booking to make sure it’s a perfect match.

3. Safely confirm your booking

Benefit from in-house customer support and free veterinary coverage for your pet.

Why choose Pawshake for pet sitting?

We've got you and your pet covered

Peace of mind guarantee

We care about the happiness and safety of you and your pet.
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Experienced local pet and dog sitters

We have experienced, qualified and reliable local pet and dog sitters for a range of pet care services.

Vetted sitters and dog minders

Every single pet sitting profile is individually reviewed by our dedicated Trust and Safety team. We only accept 15% of sitter applications.
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Contactless payments

Pawshake’s safe and cashless booking process means that pet carers only get paid after they complete the booking.

See what Pawshake pet sitting clients have to say!

Read real pet sitting reviews from happy pet owners

Home Visits
Helen, 25-08-2023
Being a VET assistant, Raul had some new ideas and strategies for keeping my rescue cat, Bailey relaxed and comfortable while I was away. This was my first time using a pet sitter, as usually my family or friends would help out previously, but as I was away for a longer period this time, thought it best to try a pet sitter. Very glad I did. I could tell by the wonderful pics that came through that Bailey was very relaxed with Raul, allowing him to comb him (which he doesn't usually do) and lots of cuddles. I highly recommend Raul for a caring pet sitter that will spend a lot of time making sure your beloved pet feels safe and cared for. I am booking him again when I am away in a few weeks. 5 stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Home Visits
Phil, 05-09-2023
Unparalleled Care on Short Notice: Maria is a Gem! When it comes to pet sitters, Maria sets an incredibly high standard. Faced with a surprise cruise aboard the Queen Elizabeth, we urgently required a competent and loving caregiver for our Norwegian Forest cats, Mocha and Charlie. Maria stepped in on short notice and went above and beyond, exceeding even our highest expectations. Twice daily, Maria impeccably attended to feeding, water bowl refills, and litter maintenance. What sets Maria apart is her willingness to genuinely connect with Mocha and Charlie during these visits. Her responsibilities were executed not as mere tasks, but as heartfelt gestures that underlined her deep affection for animals. Mocha and Charlie, cautious by nature due to past lockdowns, were quick to sense Maria's kindness. Charlie, initially the braver of the two, became visibly more relaxed and playful under Maria's caring attention. Mocha, always the reserved one, also showed signs of growing comfort as he watched his brother interact positively with Maria. The crowning touch was the collection of candid photographs Maria sent us. These photos were more than just visual updates; they were assurances of our pets' well-being and happiness in our absence. We returned from our trip to find not only a perfectly maintained household but also two exceedingly content cats. Maria's care was so exceptional that it felt as though we never left. Maria has our highest praise and most enthusiastic recommendation. If you want your pets to experience love, comfort, and unparalleled care, especially on short notice, look no further. Maria is not just a pet sitter; she is a guardian angel for your fur family! Lord Philip Zornes Glen Waverley, VIC

Frequently asked questions

Your pet sitting questions answered

What does pet sitting include?

When you book our pet sitting services, an experienced pet sitter will visit your home and spend some one-on-one time with your pet.

Who will be caring for my pet during the pet sitting booking?

Pawshake only accepts pet and dog sitters who have experience and/or qualifications caring for pets. You can search, choose and have a free meet and greet with your pet sitter or dog minder prior to making a booking.

Is pet sitting the right option for my pet?

Pet sitting is the perfect option for pets who prefer staying in their own home environment and would like some company during the day. This means your pet gets to enjoy high quality and personalised care that is better than pet hotels.

What is the difference between pet sitting and pet hotels?

Pet sitting is a personalised service where a pet sitter visits your home and spends one on one time with your pet. Pet hotels can be stressful and usually involve your pet sharing their space with other pets and interacting with different staff members each time.

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