Pets and holidays: how to celebrate with your pet

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How to celebrate with your pets during holidays

For many pet owners, holidays are not just about human traditions. Instead, they are an opportunity to share love, joy, and memories with their beloved pets.

How do Australians combine pets and celebrations?

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We recently conducted a survey in Australia asking how pet owners included their pets during holiday celebrations. Hundreds of pet owners responded, with plenty of inspiring suggestions for celebrating with their pets.

Some of the most interesting and creative ways that pet owners celebrate holidays with their pets include:

Feeding a special meal

Over half of respondents (56.4%) prepare a special meal for their pets on holidays.

Special treats

A majority of pet owners (61.5%) give their pets special treats to mark the occasion.

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Attending celebration gatherings

Nearly 70% of respondents involve their pets in family gatherings, barbecues, and parties.

Posting on social media

More than a quarter (28.5%) of pet owners post about their pets on social media during holidays.

Travelling with pets

Almost half (45.8%) of respondents bring their pets along for holiday travel.

Special holiday accessories

About one-third (33%) of pet owners dress their pets in holiday-themed attire. This might include printed coats, bandanas, or collars.

Buying cards or gifts

Almost 30% buy their pets cards or gifts to mark the occasion, while a smaller percentage (6.1%) make these items themselves.

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Giving gifts from pets

Nearly 17% of respondents give gifts from their pets to others by signing gift cards from their furry friend.

Co-signing gift cards

About one-third (31.3%) of respondents include their pet's name alongside their own on gift cards.

Taking special photographs

Over a third (36.3%) capture special moments with their pets in photographs, including family portraits.

Pet-friendly cakes

Nearly a quarter (23.5%) provide pet-friendly cakes as a special treat for their pets.

Throwing pet parties

Around 10.1% of respondents go all out by throwing parties for their pets, with invited guests.

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Including pets in holiday games

Almost 20% involve their pets in holiday-themed games or activities, such as beach cricket or Easter egg hunts.


Some pet owners (7.3%) even take their pets trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Special adventures

Over a third (38.5%) take their pets on special adventures, like long walks or drives to new locations.


About a quarter (26.8%) of pet owners swim with their pets during holiday celebrations.

Watching holiday-themed movies

Almost 20% of pet owners said they watch holiday-themed movies with their pets.

Donating to charity

A portion of respondents (13.4%) make donations to charity on behalf of their pets. This is often for animal welfare organizations.

For these pet owners, holidays are not just about human traditions. Instead, they are an opportunity to share love, joy, and special moments with their pets.

Whether pet owners watch holiday-themed movies, take special photographs, or even travel with their pets. These survey results underscore the importance of pets in creating a truly magical holiday season.

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