Pet duos: animals that need a buddy

Pet duos: animals that need a buddy


Are you crazy about pets? Is your pet your best friend? We can relate! Of course you give your pet lots of love, and perhaps you have your favourite pet sitter who spoils them every now and then. And yet some pets might need a friend of their own species, as well as their human best friend. The same is true the other way around, isn’t it?

Here‘s an overview of some particularly cute pet duos.

1) Rabbits

Rabbits are real group animals and can‘t stand loneliness. Fortunately, adding a second rabbit to your family isn‘t necessarily much more expensive or much more work than having just one. They do need plenty of room so each rabbit can withdraw for a while if they want to. The best combination is a male and a female. The male must of course be neutered, otherwise you will have a LOT of baby rabbits before long :-)

2) Parakeets

Parakeets are crazy about other parakeets! It‘s a joy to see the birds interact and you can watch their games and cuddles for hours on end. It‘s best not to keep two females together: they have a tendency to bicker ...

3) Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs live in groups in the wild, so you always need at least two of them. Watch for aggressive behaviour and offer more space if needed. It‘s a great combination to keep one or several females along with one neutered male. Two girls is fine as well, while keeping two males is not recommended for beginners. You can always add a baby guinea pig to an adult one: they will be readily accepted and the older one can teach the baby social behaviour.

4) Rats

Did you know that rats are social animals? They much prefer living together with a rat buddy. During the introduction period it may take a while for them to get used to each other by sniffing and exploring. There's no need to rush, so give your rats plenty of time to get acquainted.

5) Cats

Cats who get a lot of attention from their human can live without other cats just fine, especially if a cat sitter drops by to give them extra cuddles! But cats, too, like to live with one of their own kind. They can cuddle and groom each other and keep each other entertained by playing together when you aren't home. If you are considering taking in two kittens, it‘s best to take two of the same sex.

Are your two pets not getting along right away? Give them time and be patient. If you‘re unsure about how to proceed, ask an expert at a shelter, a breeder or a vet for advice - they can help your pets to forge a friendship as smoothly as possible.

Do you own any pet duos who are best friends, or know of any pairings we haven't mentioned? Share pictures of your pet duo on our Facebook page or on Instagram!