Pets and Holiday Celebrations in Australia

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Pets and holidays: in which holidays do people include their pets?

We recently conducted a survey to delve into the various ways pet owners include their pets in holiday celebrations. The results are in, offering insight into the special bond between humans and their pets during these festive times.

We found that pet owners include their pets in most holiday celebrations throughout the year. Many owners expressed that this was because they felt that their pets were a part of the family. Holidays in which pets are involved include:

Pets and Christmas

A whopping 94% of respondents celebrate Christmas with their pets. 

Christmas dogs


For these pet owners, Christmas is not just a human affair. It's an opportunity to create a festive atmosphere, complete with pet-friendly decorations and treats. In some cases, pet owners even give gifts to their beloved furry companions.

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is another celebration in which 53.8% of pet owners include their pets. As the clock strikes midnight, pet owners ring in the new year by sharing special treats and cuddles with their pets.

Family Birthdays

Family birthdays are significant occasions, and 71.4% of respondents make their pets a part of the celebration. Whether it's a special meal or a party, their pets are right there, basking in the joy with the whole family.

Pet Birthdays

Nearly 79% of pet owners celebrate their pets' birthdays with enthusiasm. These pet owners celebrate by pampering their four-legged friends with treats and toys. Sometimes they may even throw a pet-friendly birthday party with party bags, dog-friendly party games and invited guests.


24% of survey participants include their pets in the Halloween festivities.

Cat with owner dressed as a witch


This means costumes, decorations, and pet-friendly treats are all on the menu. For these pet owners, Halloween is a spooktacular event for pets too.


While a smaller percentage, 4.9%, choose to involve their pets in Hanukkah celebrations. This might include pet-friendly elements in the festivities, aligning their pet's happiness with this special holiday.

Sporting Competitions

For 14.3% of respondents, sporting competitions, like grand final games, become a family affair with pets participating. These furry mascots add to the excitement and are seen to bring good luck to their favourite sporting teams.


51.1% of respondents said they celebrate Easter with their pets. This can involve hiding pet-friendly treats for their pets to find during the traditional egg hunt.

Valentine's Day

17.6% of those surveyed reported that they spoil their pets with love and affection on Valentine's Day.

Cat with roses


Human couples are not the only ones who celebrate this day as pets receive ample attention and treats from their owners.


A small but significant 4.9% of respondents incorporate their pets into Diwali celebrations. This includes feeding pet-friendly treats and making sure their pets are comfortable during the festivities. This is extra important when keeping pets relaxed and calm during fireworks.


2.7% of respondents observe Ramadan with their pets. These pet owners align their schedules with their pets' needs to ensure their comfort during this holy month. Much like New Year's and Diwali, this includes keeping pets safe and calm during fireworks.

St. Patrick's Day

13.2% participate in St. Patrick's Day celebrations with their pets.

Dog with green bandana

This might involve dressing their pets in green or taking them along to parades and other festive activities.

The diverse ways in which owners celebrate holidays with their pets reflect the strong bond between pets and their owners. Whether it's with special treats or spending quality time together, pets are an integral part of the holiday season for many.

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