Out With The Dogs Harrington Park 2567 (near Camden)

Out With The Dogs Harrington Park 2567 (near Camden)

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Meet & Greet

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One home visit per day

Tere comes to your place.
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AU $ 15/day

Two home visits per day

Tere comes to your place.
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AU $ 24/day

Dog walking

Tere will walk your dog.
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AU $ 14/walk
(AU $8 for each additional pet)

House sitting

Tere comes to your place.
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AU $ 42/night



Sydney Pawshaker since Nov 2014
  • Response rate: 100%
  • Responds: Within an hour
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Tere's furry clients.

Padmae (aka 'paddy')
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Hi, I'm Tere!

*** Welcome to Out with the Dogs****

I AM CURRENTLY NOT TAKING ON ANY MORE BOOKINGS. If you are a new pawshake user kindly contact one of the other wonderful pawshakers on board.

Please if you have used my services in the past do not book or I will have to cancel that booking . Please contact me for clarification.

Unavailable for evening feeds of 2/6 and unavailable 3/4 June. Away.

Unavailable for evening feeds of 11/8 and unavailable 12/13 August. Away.

Unavailable pm of 1 September And away 2/3 September. Away.

OVERSEAS - 7-16 December 2017.

Specific Skills

I speak English
Familiar with dog training techniques
10+ years of experience


Dog wallker and pet minder

Excellent communication skills

Experience assisting a registered charity (Animal Trust Society)

Running my own community dog walking group (Campbelltown Camden Doggie Dates - now into it's third year)

Previous foster carer of dogs

I have a scanner and can scan your pet to ensure their microchip is still working and provide you with their chip number should you have lost it. 

Ability to read and follow instructions with regards to administering medication/specific food requirements (fussy eaters and dietary requirements, reading labels, vet advice etc)

Recently finished ten years working with the Department of Education as an SLSO - compassionate, ability to relate to people, caring nature


I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Artboard Behavioural problems
Rescuing pets


Last minute bookings
Moderate cancellation policy

My Own Pets

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