Out With The Dogs Harrington Park 2567 (near Camden)

Out With The Dogs Harrington Park 2567 (near Camden)

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One home visit per day

Tere comes to your place.
AU $ 15/day

Two home visits per day

Tere comes to your place.
AU $ 24/day

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AU $ 14/walk
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Olly & Batman
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Hi, I'm Tere!

*** Welcome to Out with the Dogs****PLEASE READ BEFORE SEIND THROUGH ENQUIRY


Please read my availability below before attempting to book OR SENDING enquiries through.

I am FULLY booked for January. Please do not send any bookings through or they will be declined resulting in up to a 7 day wait for your money to be refunded. 

Do not book without contacting me at any stage as I work 7 days a week and I therefore do take planned regular holidays as well and sometimes I am booked out so it is important to check with me first (even regular clients).Mu calender does not show my availability. I am unable to indicate whether I am booked for home visits/housesitting/etc

Please note: I currently have NO more spots for dog walking AT ALL except as part of paid home visits until further notice (sorry). Do not send an enquiry regarding ongoing dog walking. 

I am also not taking on any NEW housesitting clients (SORRY) and have cut right back on house sitting.


Unavailable 11/12/13/14 March (out of Sydney)


I do not walk dogs on public holidays (sorry) except a short walk as part of my home visit. No dog walk bookings. 


As from February I will be tightening up on multiple pets.

If you have 3 or more pets I may ask you to cover my additional time/effort by booking in a couple of 'walks' even if I actually do not walk your pet (yes you can even book a walk for a cat) or book two home visits instead of one etc. I have found myself in the position of spending well over an hour at some clients houses for what often ends up being less than $10 per visit (after pawshake fee etc). I can not realistically survive on this. I also have to factor in petrol, time of year, peak season and so forth. My fees are set at one-two pets. Additionally my fees are not inclusive of other families pets being added to the mix though you are welcome to ask and we can see what arrangements we can come up with.  WIth some clients they have simply added a couple of walks in the weeks booking to reimburse my extra time spent. 

Besides this site you can find me on facebook: http://bit.ly/2b785NO and Instagram: out_with_the_dogs and twitter: outwiththedogs@outwith_thedogs and my direct link to this very page that you are on for future reference is: www.paws.hk/TereMelrose


I am a registered business and am covered by insurance thanks to pawshake. I keep my fees as low as I practically can. Some of you may not know that we pawshakers lose 19% of what we charge to pawshake - which is fair and reasonable as they do the insurance, find us some of our clients, advertising and technical support for us.

What started out as a hobby over two years ago has just become a full time job!  Most of the time (at the risk of sounding a bit ridiculous) I feel so happy that I can't stop smiling. I get wet, tired, hot and cold but the smiles on your pets faces and the relief you feel when I have solved a problem for you - always gives me the biggest buzz.

I'm one of those crazy animal people. I have many doggy friends and all my human friends are crazy animal people too. It's just the way that I am. I spend most of my free time doing animal things including running my dog social walking group (Campbelltown-Camden Doggie Dates - check us out on FB). I also assist in running a not for profit group (Animal Trust Society). I believe myself to be an outstanding pet minder and you will see this is confirmed from my many reviews by my beautiful human clients but I''m confident from the licks, excited jumps, happy tail wags and excited barks that I receive from the fur clients that they are pretty happy with my service also.

Before you consider having home visits think about

- can your pet be left alone for lengthy periods

- will the neighbours complain if they bark

- will they become anxious and try to escape

- how will you feel if that occupy themselves by digging holes, eating your plants and outdoor furniture etc (some have).

- can you arrange additional occasional visits by friends or family especially in case of long time away

- should you organize one or two visits a day (in most cases dogs cope better with two but cats are fine with one)

Remember my costs are very low - I stay around 30 minutes sometimes longer for $14 for one visit of which I lose 19% in pawshake fees. Think realistically how much you are expecting for this.  I will pop out bins and water a few plants and pick up poo and collect mail but most of my attention should be on your dog.

Don't base your decision on cost alone when you look for care for your pet Some pets are safer in kennels and others happier at home. You need to make the best decision for your important family member.

I will have small animals stay over at my home by arrangement  and have experience with rabbits and guinea pigs and have a cat and dogs. Just ask as I can put the tab in place if necessary by arrangement and we would discuss a cost as this is also flexible.

When I visit your home your pet (dog, cat,guinea pig, fish, rabbit/chook and whatever else you own) will be:


-poo picked up (please leave yard clean before my first visit)


-cage or area tidied,

-a brush (for dogs, or cats if they like

-a play if you leave toys and rotation of toys if required

-administer medication if required

-and a short walk for dogs of about 15 minutes depending on size of dog and things needed to be done at the home.  If you want your dog to have a longer walk or a walk every single time I ask that you also book in the dog walking service for at least a couple of times in a week out of courtesy to bump up my fee slightly as my fees are currently very cheap. I do have a couple of clients who just want me to spend 5 minutes at their home and most of the visit walking their dog so its a super quick poop pick up feed and water bowl checked and the majority of the visit spent walking.

- I will fill up water shells for dogs to in summer or play with the hose or whatever added things they need to keep them cool.

I absolutely love animals of all description and will also care for your cat or most other animals. I have even had horses as part of a booking and had no trouble following the owners instructions.

I insist on meeting you and your beloved pets before you book me to ensure you like me, your pets like me and of course that we will all get along and additionally, that they will not be nervous when I enter their property. I mind pets in some Macarthur areas - in particular the area of Oran Park,  Gledswood Hills, Kirkham Harrington Park, Narellan, Mt Annan, Gregory Hills,, Spring Farm and Elderslie and surrounding suburbs. Due to low charges and travel time I generally only travel a maximum of about 10 minutes from where I live and between my jobs and work out a practical route each day. What may seem close and local to you may not be practical for me.

I am 100% reliable.and will also send you evidence of our activities together. Some animals are better off in their own home where they feel secure and safe. I do ask that your dog or cat has a collar and tag if their are outdoors as I also scan lost animals and it is often so hard to contact owners when pets don't have tags.Please ensure your gates are very secure and that your pet has shelter during heat or storms. I am not always in the position to do additional visits during storms so if your pet has storm anxiety you may need to reconsider your pet minding arrangements. Pets escaping during storms is very scary and added stress for me as a pet minding service and yourselves as owners who are away on holiday so please look into a more secure environment such as a kennel if this is a possibility. I often have several pets to feed and can not keep going back to one during storm season. Contact me for a free meet and greet. If your pet has medical needs we can discuss that and I am happy to do a couple of visits to learn. I have administered ear drops, tablets and oral medications as well as washing out ears with a special solution. I would be happy to learn anything necessary. Some of the animals I have minded require strict medication with specific time gaps and I am very reliable with this. I like to have written instructions if your pet has a range of needs or if you are worried. Many people have told me they were really anxious until they met me and then they felt very confident leaving their pets while they were away. I can also scan your pets microchip and assist you with updating paperwork for council if you need help.

What I don't do :

-Groom or wash your pet (I will give your pet a daily brush)

-Wait around for a dog groomer during my home visit as I am on a scrict schedule and experience is that groomers are often late and additionally take more time than I can realistically stay. I can recommend some very reliable groomers who can be trusted to enter your property and wash your pets and are very experienced

-Maintain your property or house (I will leave the inside of your home as I found it, collect your mail, water a FEW plants, please be realistic)

-Stay for hours nb -my stay time is 30 minutes usually sometimes a little more depending on bookings and other factors.

 -Wait for tradespeople etc because you have organised jobs to be done while you are away. I simply don't have the time and have other clients and dogs dependant on me also. This is not practical and often these people do not turn up when they say. This is also an additional and unnecessary stress for me. Much the same applies for house sitting as I have a full and busy day with many pets to attend to and while I have a daily visit back to my house sitting house it is really difficult to know exactly when that will be and my schedule varies and changes dependant on the pets I have and the jobs (dog walking/ home vsiits etc). This may be something you can organise with a trusted friend or neighbour.

-Pay for vet bills and related costs. Please ensure you or a trusted family member or friend is contactable throughout your time away so that in an emergency vet bills can be covered. If it is an insurance matter this takes time to deal with (to date I have had no issues and only minor vets things. Please note I will collect things from a vet and have had clients organise this over email and the phone with their vets for scripts etc but it is only practical for me to drive to local vets or deliver your pet to local vets and there may be an additional charge esp in peak periods but your pets health and well being is of utmost concern to me of course. I have been given contact vets on the other side of Sydney and when you imagine I may have 15 visits in a day, driving to the other side of Sydney to the family vet in peak hour traffic when we have excellent local vets is just not practical or fair on my other clients pets.

-Repeatedly visit during storms or celebration times of year such as fireworks; it simply isn't practical and I am often also housesitting overnight. Where possible I do additional visits if I have concerns but this is not something I promise or guarantee and ultimately is unpaid so becomes 'voluntary'. Please ensure your pets safety in a secure property.

-Attend property again and repeatedly because a neighbour has texted you that your dog is barking. I also find this extremely stressful but have a very busy schedule and your dog will not be the only dog I am visiting and feeding, I often have several. and care for them all very very much. While I will ensure your dog is walked/played with/has activities, I can not be responsible for keeping your dog quiet. If your dog starts whining or barking as I leave I will still leave or coming back is unhelpful.  If your dog is unsettled and your neighbours complain then this service may not be for you and I can make suggestions on suitable kennels or suggest organising access such as a doggy door into your home as sometimes this helps to settle dogs that are left at the property. Or you may try a citronella collar also. I hope all of this helps, feel free to contact me  for more information.

Specific Skills

I speak English
Familiar with dog training techniques
10+ years of experience

I have had pets of my own for my entire life. All my pets are either rehomings or rescue. I also fostered labradors for 12 mths and other breeds for 6 mths. I now do some little  things for local groups scanning lost animals and returning them home and helping any rescues where I can with donations, getting rescues for dogs that need it etc. I also run a dog walking group that is becoming very popular with local people.  I work with children with disabilities for the Department of Education (past nine years) and have volunteered in many different capacities in the past as well as qualifications in childcare, teachers aide and community services.

I just have a big heart in general for those who are disadvantaged whether human or animal.  I am in touch with many of the families of many pets I initially fostered dogs for before linking them. I was able to provide all of these animals with basic training and my labrador taught them how to play. If I visit your pet in your home  I will keep your dog clean, brushed and happy. Your dog will have a happy time with me. 

I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets


Last minute bookings
Moderate cancellation policy

My Own Pets

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