Tips and tricks for removing dog and cat hair

Tips and tricks for removing dog and cat hair


Do your pets like to lounge on your couch or bed? If so, chances are that there's hair everywhere! Of course you vacuum ALL the time and you brush your dog or cat regularly to remove excess hair. But still the hair is stuck on your furniture and clothing, and even you! That’s why we’re showing you some easy and affordable solutions to get your furniture, carpet and clothing hair-free.

Lint roller
A lint roller is a great quick solution for your clothes. Before you head out the door, just do a speedy clothes check, roll the lint brush over them and your’re fur-free and good to go. You can make you own roller by wrapping a bit of double-sided tape around your hand, too. This also works well for cleaning your furniture.

Rubber gloves
Hair that's tangled into your carpet is difficult to remove using a vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, there is a surprisingly easy  solution: rubber gloves! Pop them on and “sweep” the hair up in no time at all by wiping surfaces in short strokes. To clean larger surfaces like windows or floors, you can try using a damp squeegee.

Clothes in the tumble dryer
Still finding hair on your clothes, even after washing them? Put them in the tumble dryer for 15 minutes together with a pair of tights. The tights will gather all the hair! Remember to empty the tumble dryer’s filter regularly, since hair will end up there as well. We definitely wouldn't recommend wearing the tights again, by the way :-)

A fleece blanket attracts a lot of dog hair

A quirky way of removing hair from your clothes: just rub an inflated balloon over them. All the hair will be attracted to the static electricty in the balloon. This is also the reason why it’s best not have clothes or blankets made of fleece out in the open: they attract hair like a magnet. Fabrics like cotton are less “attractive” to pet hair.

So, is your home all clean now? Ready to face all that hair from your pet sitting dogs and cats? :-) Do you have any home-made tips and tricks for removing pet hair? Share them with us!