Tips and tricks for removing dog and cat hair

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What is the best way to remove pet fur?

Do you allow your dog or cat inside the home and up on your bed or sofa? If so, chances are your floors and furniture get furry from time to time. You might also notice that your pet sheds fur more in certain months of the year. But why does this happen and what can you do about it?

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Why do pets shed fur?

Seasonal pet shedding happens when the seasons change and the weather gets colder or hotter. Hence you might notice more fur around the house in Spring and Autumn. This seasonal shedding will usually last a few weeks at a time. However, bear in mind that some pet breeds shed fur more than others.

Which pet breeds shed the most fur?

Dogs that shed a lot of fur include Labrador Retrievers, Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds. Cat breeds that shed a lot of fur include Persians, Ragdolls and Maine Coones. Most long-haired dog breeds will need to go to the groomer to remove their old fur and release their undercoat.

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Likewise, some pets with white fur or rougher coats might have more noticeable fluff than others. People often describe pets such as labradoodles with woolly fur as 'low shedding'. However, these pets consistently shed fur throughout the year and will need regular grooming all year long.

Read more about seasonal pet shedding here.

You might consistently vacuum and groom your pet to eliminate surplus fur. However, the fur continues to cling to your clothes and furniture, and even to you. But fear not: Here are some easy and affordable solutions to get your furniture, carpet and clothing fur-free.

Why is it important to remove pet fur?

It's important to remove pet fur from your home regularly, otherwise, it can build up and be harder to remove. Pet fur can gather and float around the house, setting off allergies in many people. Removing pet fur frequently can help ease allergy symptoms and prevent you from finding tiny hairs in your morning coffee.

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Best equipment to remove pet fur

There are many common household items that can remove pet fur! The trick with many of these fur removal methods is using sticky surfaces and static to de-fluff.

The following household items can make your floor and furniture a whole lot less furry:

  • A good pet brush
  • Vacuum
  • A lint roller
  • Double-sided tape
  • Rubber broom
  • Balloon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Squeegee
  • Anti-static spray
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tumble dryer and a pair of stockings
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Pet Brush

Needless to say, starting with a good pet brush will fix the problem at the source! However, be sure to pick the right brush for your pet. Soft brushes are suitable for pets with short coats. Whereas a comb is more suited to long-haired pets.

It's worth also noting that brushing your cat has the extra benefit of preventing fur balls. Read more here about grooming your pet at home.

A high-quality vacuum

When purchasing a vacuum to remove pet fur, you definitely get what you pay for! Consider finding a pet-fur-specific model with a strong engine. Otherwise, a robot vacuum cleaner is another great option for fur removal. However, be careful that it doesn't scare your pets when it's rolling around and doing its job!

Lint roller

A lint roller is a great quick solution to remove pet fur from your clothes and furniture.

Before leaving the house, quickly check your outfit before stepping out the door. Finding fluffy bits all over your black pants or shirt? Keep a lint roller by your front door and whip it over your clothes at the last minute. Plus, you can keep a few lint rollers around the house to roll over your soft furnishings when things get fluffy.

Double-sided tape

You can create a DIY roller by encircling your hand with double-sided tape. This method is also great for tidying up your furniture.

Rubber broom

Like many of these tricks, a rubber broom has enough friction to loosen up and gather fur. This is the ideal way to remove pet fur from hardwood or polished floors. There are also smaller rubber brush versions for sweeping your furniture too.

Rubber gloves

A vacuum cleaner can remove some fur, but it may not always eliminate fur tangled in carpets and mats. Fortunately, the answer is pretty straightforward: rubber gloves! Slip on a pair and glide your hand over your furnishings using brief strokes.

A squeegee

Is there fluff stuck to the floor even after you vacuum? Grab a clean window squeegee and dampen it with a little water. Drag it across your floors in the same way - job done.

Anti-static spray

You might consider using some anti-static spray sparingly on your clothes or furniture. For example, if fur constantly covers an item of clothing, like your winter coat, give it a spritz. This will also make the job of picking up fur easier for your lint roller.

Pantyhose and a dryer

Are you still discovering pet hair on your garments even after laundering them? Toss them into the tumble dryer along with a pair of pantyhose for a quarter of an hour. The pantyhose will attract all the hair as if it never existed! Remember to regularly clean the lint filter on your dryer to remove pet hair that accumulates.


Glide a blown-up balloon over your garments to remove fur from them. This might look a bit bizarre but the static electricity in the balloon will attract all the pet fur.

Extra pet fur removal tips:

  • Don't leave fleece clothes or blankets around the house because they attract hair easily, just like a magnet.
  • Fabrics like cotton are less likely to get fur on them, so opt for cotton clothes during shedding season.
  • As tempting as it might be, don't over-wash your dog when they are shedding. While brushing is helpful, washing can strip your dog's skin of healthy oils. Read more about dog washing here.
  • Do you allow your pet to jump on your furniture? In this case, give them their own special blanket that's just for them. This will save much of the rest of your furniture from getting too furry.


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