Prepare your Home for Doggy Stays

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How do I prepare my home for Dog Boarding?

Having a pet in your home brings joy, whether it's for a short period or a longer stay. For those who love dogs but can't commit to their own fur baby, hosting through Pawshake is a good solution.

Let's explore the five golden rules to help you ensure a seamless overnight stay.

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1) The Magic of the Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet sets the tone for a successful stay. This initial meeting provides an opportunity for the dog and the sitter to get to know each other. Establishing a rapport during this phase is key to building trust. You can find a guide for how to have a successful Meet & Greet here.

2) Prepare your home

Before the guest dog arrives, preparation is essential. Gathering the right information from the Pet Owner in advance ensures a well-managed and stress-free stay. This information should include; how to contact the owner during their absence, emergency contacts, vet details, medical history and the pet's preferences.

Knowing about the dogs favourite games, dietary requirements, and potential anxiety triggers will also ensure a comfortable stay.

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3) Home boarding safety measures

Ensuring a safe environment is paramount when hosting a dog. Treat the arrangement as if the new guest were your own. Provide a secure sleeping space based on the owner's preference. This can be either indoor or outdoor depending on the dogs history.

Always maintain a fresh water supply, and inform the neighbours about the guest dog. Thoroughly inspect and reinforce fences and gates to prevent any escapes, especially for crafty escape artists.

Conduct a comprehensive garden cleanup and remove any potential hazards, such as toxic plants and debris. Inside the house, secure human food, medicines and other harmful items.

Engaging everyone in the household with the pet care routine and safety measures will keep the environment welcoming and secure.

4) Regular Updates for Reassurance

Pet owners appreciate staying connected with their companions. Regular updates through text or email provides reassurance and a sense of involvement. A fun, creative touch can be to add captions or messages from the dog's perspective. All in all, regular communication builds trust and peace of mind for pet owners while their pet stays in a temporary home.

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5) Seeking Assistance When Needed

When caring for animals, there are always unknown factors. Pet sitters shouldn't hesitate to contact the pet owner if you need more information. No question is too trivial, and establishing an open dialogue early between both parties is crucial.

Pawshake is a supportive platform and we are always ready to assist at any point. Please don't hesitate to reach out for advice or support.

Extra tips for successful dog boarding

Going beyond the golden rules, consider these additional tips to enhance the doggy hosting experience:

Create a Dog-Friendly Space

Designate a comfortable area in your home specifically for the guest dog. Make sure to include their bedding, favourite toys and a few treats. This space will serve as a retreat for the dog throughout their stay, providing a sense of security.

Plan Enriching Activities

Engage the dog in activities tailored to its preferences. Playing, walking, and using puzzle toys for dogs keep them happy and engaged.

Document Special Moments

Capture your furry friends stay through photos or short videos then share these with the owner. This not only offers reassurance but also creates lasting memories for both parties.


Hosting a dog means more than just following rules, it's about creating a welcoming and enriching experience. Sitters can ensure that the dogs they care for have a happy and peaceful stay by following these guidelines and tips.

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