How much does a pet sitter cost?

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Price guide for pet sitting in Australia in 2023:

  • Dog boarding: $25 - $90
  • Drop-in home visits: $20 - $45
  • Dog walking: $20 - $50
  • Doggy daycare: $30 - $75
  • House sitting: $45 - $100

At Pawshake, we set price limits to prevent a 'race to the bottom' from happening. We have very high expectations of our sitters and we also want them to get fairly paid for their work.

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Why do pet-sitting prices vary on Pawshake?

Every pet sitter on Pawshake determines their own prices for each service they offer. There are a number of factors that impact these prices, including the service booked, the sitter's experience, and your pet's specific needs.

What affects the cost of a pet sitter?

The service booked

Pet sitter prices can vary depending on the specific pet-sitting service you have booked. These services may include dog boarding, house sitting, home visits, doggy daycare, and dog walking. Each service will require a different workload for your pet sitter. For example, boarding a dog in a pet owner's home will require more focus, energy, resources, and time than a short dog walk. 

Experience and popularity

More experienced pet sitters tend to book out early and have a following of loyal clients. Therefore, these sitters may have limited time and space available for bookings, especially those who offer dog boarding. As such, their prices might be on the higher side. On the other hand, pet sitters who are just starting out may set prices that are a bit lower. 

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Knowledge and special skills

Although Pawshake pet sitters must have pet care experience, some pet sitters have more extensive skills. This can include vets, vet assistants, dog behaviour therapists, shelter volunteers, professional breeders, groomers, and more.

These expert pet carers can assist with very specific or more challenging requests. For example, they may be able to provide specialised dog training or administration of tricky medications. Also, they may be more equipped to manage difficult behaviours such as separation anxiety or aggression. 

Travel expenses and other extras

Although pet sitters will set their prices to include all scenarios, special circumstances may lead them to request an updated rate. For example, a pet sitter might have to take into account the cost of traveling a very long distance to care for your pets. Likewise, they may need to take into account specialised care such as monitoring a newborn puppy or regularly changing a wound dressing.

In these cases, the pet sitter should be clear and explain this to you before booking. You then have the option to proceed or to continue your search. There are no obligations to book when you contact a Pawshake pet sitter.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer support team. Or are you ready to find your perfect pet sitter? Start searching now.