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Kerry And Madelene

K9 Watch - Absolute Care.

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Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
10 AUD for each additional pet
25 AUD
All services and rates

About Kerry And Madelene

We are a mother and daughter team who adore dogs (fur babies).

Sadly we lost our little Jack Russell named Timmi who was 13 years old in 2020.

We've had dogs all our lives from Great Danes to

Chihuahuas and all sizes in between.

Between us we would have 60 years of experience with dogs of all breeds.

We love, love, love dogs!

The dogs will have full use of the backyard and the house. There are no off limit rooms in the house, the dogs can go where they want to. While your dog is with us, it is his/her home.

For overnight stays, you can bring their own bed or we are happy for your dog to sleep in our beds with us. Our top priority is the dogs safety and happiness. Lots of cuddles and kisses guaranteed (for the dogs, not the dog owners) Our goal is to make your fur babies feel it's their home away from home.

Important: Your dog must be social with other dogs.

Your dog must be house trained.

We must know if your dog is on any medication or if your dog has special care needs.

We will only take one client at a time.

The only time we will take two dogs is if they belong to the same family.

The reason for only one dog is so we can give all our attention to your dog.

We are capable of sitting four or five dogs at a time but we believe if you mind that many each dog will not get the attention it deserves.

We will be with your dog every second he is with us.

You dog will never be left alone.

While he/she is with us they are part of our family and we have never left our dog alone except in an emergency and even then because there are two of us, one can usually stay home with our dog.

We live in a two storey house which could be a problem for older large dogs who have trouble with stairs.

Older small dogs we can carry up and down the stairs.

We do not take puppies. Dogs must be 2 years of age or older.

Our home is smoke free.

We are available to clients in the Queanbeyan, Oaks Estate, Jerrabombra, Wickerslack

and Googong areas.

Overnight Dog Sitting:

Sleep overs are always fun!

Your dog will sleep either in his own bed that you supply or he will sleep with one of us in our beds.

All dogs get a massage before bed at night, they love massages.

You must supply the food.

If your dog is on oral medication please don't forget to bring the medication.

If you dog is attached to a special toy or rug please bring it.

We try to cater to any request you might have concerning your dog.


Dog Sitting $25.00

Kerry And Madelene's services

At the sitter's home

Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
10 AUD for each additional pet
25 AUD

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


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Dog Boarding
colette, 2020-12-13

Kerry and Madelene very kindly agreed to look after Molly at short notice. We couldn't recommend these lovely ladies more highly. Molly was looked after beautifully, spoiled rotten and treated like the precious family member she is. Will definitely use them again if needed. Thanks ladies.

Dog Boarding
Vicki, 2020-10-15

Cali had another lovely few days with Kerry and Madelene this week. Thank you both again for your loving care. My only concern is one day she is going to refuse to leave 😊.

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Kerry And Madelene's Pets

Jack Russell Terrier

About Kerry And Madelene's Home

Accepted pets

Dog sizes
0-20 kg
Dog ages
3-20 years
Dog sex
Female & Male

Kerry And Madelene's home

A medium outdoor area
Has no kids
24/7 supervision
A fully fenced backyard
Emergency transport

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area
Urban, City park & Country side


Specific Skills

I speak English
+20 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques

We are not professionals but we have trained all our dogs for basic obedience. Our real skills are loving and protecting your dog while it is in our care. You will come back to a happy stress free dog.

Can Administer

Oral medications

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems


Kerry And Madelene

Kerry And Madelene

K9 Watch - Absolute Care.

Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
10 AUD for each additional pet
25 AUD
All services and rates
Contact Kerry And Madelene

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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