Would you entrust your pet to a stranger?

Would you entrust your pet to a stranger?


Many owners regard their pet as a trusty 'companion'; a genuine friend or for life! It's therefore understandable that you don't want to hand your fur baby over to just anyone. If you need to travel for work or are taking a last-minute holiday, then you'll naturally want to leave your pet with someone you can fully trust. But how do you find such a person?  The following tips will enable you to source a pet sitter you can truly depend on.

Perhaps you already know someone with whom you wouldn't hesitate to leave your pet. A close friend, neighbour or family member; someone who lavishes your pet with as much love and attention as you do. Wouldn't it be great if that person was always on hand? If you could ask them to take care of your pet at any time and completely at your convenience?

Unfortunately, friends and family members have a life of their own and aren't always at your disposal. Maybe they simply live too far away or you don't want to bother them too often. Happily, there are thousands of caring pet sitters at Pawshake who would be only too delighted to look after your furry friend. And you can ask them at any time, even at the last minute. The only problem is: you don't know them yet! Fortunately we have a solution.

The solution: animal lovers in your local area!

Finding a caring and competent pet sitter is a serious business, but it's also fun: Pawshake is a close-knit community of animal lovers who are quite simply crazy about pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it! So, search for a suitable pet sitter via Pawshake, and you'll get to know a friendly bunch of people in your local area; like-minded folk who love animals as much as you do.

Gaby is a dog sitter in Amsterdam

Browse through the profiles on the Pawshake website or app, and you'll find reliable pet sitters in your local area, quickly and easily. Profiles provide a quick view of the pet sitter and typically include photos, a description, a summary of skills and experience, their motivation and customer reviews. The 'Average response time' indicator also gives valuable insight into just how active the pet sitter currently is. Found a suitable pet sitter? Then check their calendar to determine whether they're available during the desired period, and then send a no-obligation message to establish contact.

Arrange a meeting to determine that you both 'click'

The pet sitter is now able to "pre-approve" your request. This means that you can exchange contact information and plan a free, no obligation meeting. Such an introductory meeting is absolutely essential: it provides you with an opportunity to ask questions, to get to know each other and to discover how your pet reacts to the pet sitter and vice versa. Ultimately it enables you to determine whether you and your pet(s) are a good match.Here are some more handy tips on how to approach your introductory meeting.

Robin is a dog sitter in Den Haag

Is there a click? Perfect! You can now make a booking. Don't forget that if you book with Pawshake, you'll automatically benefit from the Pawshake Guarantee during the entire booking period. You'll also receive fun photo updates from your pet sitter throughout your pet's stay. That way you can see just how well your beloved companion is being taken care of. Afterwards you'll have an opportunity to provide a review, which furnishes other pet owners with information on the suitability and reliability of the pet sitter. Together, we help ensure that our pets are never alone. Entrust your pet to a complete stranger? Thankfully there's no longer any need ;-)

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