What does a dog sitter do?

What does a dog sitter do?


What does a dog sitter do?

A dog sitter’s role is to feed, play with and care for your dog when you are busy with work or away on a holiday. A dog sitter can either come to your home to look after your dog, or provide dog boarding at their own home.

When providing dog care, a dog sitter does the following:

  • Feeding your dog
  • Playing with and exercising your dog
  • Walking your dog 
  • Staying in your home to keep it secure
  • Training your dog or maintaining training routines
  • Cleaning up after your dog or taking your dog outside to go to the toilet
  • Administering medication for your dog if necessary
  • Keeping your dog company

Why should I use a dog sitter?

A dog sitter is chosen personally by you to provide one-on-one care for your dog. This differs from a dog boarding differs a lot from a boarding kennel, in that you may not always know what staff member is tending to your dog on any given day. 

It’s important for your dog’s mental and physical well-being to maintain their usual routine while you are away, as this can reduce the risk of separation anxiety and stress. One-on-one care also allows the dog sitter to keep an eye on your dog’s health and daily habits while you are away, and pay attention to details that may otherwise be missed. 

For a dog owner too, a dog sitter can really help reduce the anxiety of leaving a beloved family member behind. Your dog sitter will update you during your time away with pictures and messages, so you can relax knowing exactly how your dog is going.

What kind of dog sitter should I use?

The type of dog sitter you need depends on your individual dog and their personality, temperament and needs.

If you own an outgoing, sociable and confident dog, it’s a good idea to look for a dog sitter that provides dog boarding in their home. Dog boarding sitters often own a dog themselves, so it’s a good chance for your pooch to make new furry playmates on their very own holiday. 

If you own a shy, older or special-needs dog, you should consider a dog sitter that can stay in your home while you are away. This is also referred to as a house sitter. A house sitter can also keep an eye on your home security, water your plants and bring in the mail. But best of all, your dog can stay at home and maintain their usual routine.

How do I find a dog sitter?

The first step is to visit a reputable company such as Pawshake, and search for dog sitters in your neighbourhood. Simply enter your suburb into the search results and the dates you will need your dog sitter. From there, you can use various filters, such as if you mind if the dog sitter already has their own pet. 

Be sure to read the previous reviews of other pet owners who have used the dog sitter, and always spend some time meeting the sitter in person with your dog before agreeing to book them. 

If it doesn’t feel like a fit or the sitter has the right experience for your dog, never mind: you are under no obligation to book, and it’s best to keep searching.

It’s also super important to always leave an emergency contact with your pet sitter and very clear instructions for what you need your sitter to do to keep your dog happy and healthy. 

Need a dog sitter for summer? It’s best to book as soon as possible, as this is a really busy period. Just visit Pawshake and start your search today. 

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