Plants that are poisonous for cats (and safe alternatives)

Plants that are poisonous for cats (and safe alternatives)


Cats are real carnivores, and yet many cats love a bit of green on the side. Unfortunately, not all plants and veggies are safe for your cat - some are even downright poisonous. Which plants should you avoid, which vegetables should you be careful with and what are healthy alternatives?

Which vegetables are poisonous?
Many kinds of vegetables are dangerous for cats. One example is the nightshade family, such as tomatoes and eggplants. Onions, garlic, grapes and avocados are also toxic for your cat. The list of poisonous vegetables is actually so long that unless you 100% know what you are feeding your cat is safe, it is best to avoid vegetables altogether.  You can always offer your cat unsalted fish or meat (raw or dried) as a snack. Cat milk or biccies with a high meat percentage make lovely treats, too.

It’s always better to feed your cat meat than vegetables

Which plants are poisonous?
Cats usually avoid poisonous plants around the house as they have a bitter taste. Some of the most poisonous plants are only dangerous when ingested in large quantities. Still, it is safest to avoid  growing any poisonous plants around your house or to keep them out of the cat’s reach if possible. You should definitely be careful with plants like the ficus tree, any species of the lily family, azealea, poinsettia, any kind of narcissus, most succulent plants and cacti. You can find a detailed list here.

Cat grass is a safe “vegetable”

Which plants are safe?
There are a few non-toxic indoor plants, such as the spider plant, some species of palm, e.g. the dwarf fan palm, ferns, the gerbera and orchids. Of course, those plants are still not meant for eating! If your cat is chewing up your plants, it’s possible that they are looking for folic acid. Outdoor cats can easily get their supply of it by eating grass, but it’s more difficult to come by for indoor cats. That’s why it’s a good idea to offer them a yummy and fresh pot of cat grass every now and then. It contains enough folic acid and most cats absolutely love it. They can’t really digest the grass, by the way, so they will usually just throw it up. Don’t worry, that’s normal! Just clean it up - all sorted :-)

Outdoor cats can easily find their own grass

You can buy a pot of cat grass ready for “consumption” at your local florist, nursery and in some pet stores, but it’s also good fun to grow it yourself. Seedtrays and seeds are available at your local garden centre.