Our five favourite dog walks in Newcastle, NSW

Author picture Jessica  - updated: 15/08/2023

What are the best dog walks in Newcastle, NSW?

If you’re in Newcastle, NSW, and want an outdoor adventure with your dog, check out our top five favourite walks. From beaches to the city, this mix has a bit of something for every person and pup. And if you can't take your doggo because work is too hectic, be sure to book a Pawshake dog walker.

Newcastle, NSW, is a gorgeous coastal city located North of Sydney right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Newcastle is a great place to own a dog because of its natural beauty and laid-back, beachy vibe. As such, it's also the perfect place to work as a dog walker for Pawshake!

Whether you walk dogs on Pawshake or walk your own pooch, always pack a supply bag. This should include a water bottle, poo bags and some treats. And most importantly, ALWAYS be careful of the sun when walking a dog. We suggest walking your dog during the cooler part of the day if the weather is warm. 

Newcastle beach, NSW


1 Horseshoe Beach 

Horseshoe Beach is right in Newcastle City, located conveniently within Newcastle Harbour. Most importantly, it's a leash-free favourite for locals and their pooches to frolic in the sand and surf.

Horseshoe Beach is clean and sheltered from the large waves on the other side of the break wall and Nobby's Beach. However, it can get busy here in summer, so be sure that your dog is ok with other pooches. Furthermore, there isn't a lot of shade, so avoid the hottest part of the day. 

Local tip: allow some extra time to walk along the break wall to Nobby’s Head. Here you'll find amazing views of the city and the ocean. You might even spot a dolphin, a whale or a massive coal ship docking in the harbour.

Dog paw prints in sand

2 Speers Point Park

Speers Point Park is a perfect place for the whole family. It has plenty of great facilities, including play equipment, barbeques and car parking. The park is always well-maintained and kept clean and tidy. And as a bonus, there are shady spots to shelter from the sun on hot days.

There is a designated leash-free area for sociable pups who return when called. Why not pack a picnic and make a day of it with your dog and some friends?

3 Fernleigh Track

The Fernleigh Track is a stretch of shared pathway between Newcastle and Warners Bay. This is a good walk for people who like to explore historic train buildings, pretty forests, and different coastal areas. 

We suggest doing this walk on a weekday if you can. The reason for this is that the track can be super busy on a weekend with walkers and cyclists. Either way, be very careful when walking your dog. And be on the lookout for snakes from October onwards!

Fernleigh Track, Newcastle, NSW

Maurice van Creij, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

4 Warners Bay Foreshore

8.9 kilometres of lakeside pathway awaits you and your doggo along the Warners Bay Foreshore. This is a laid-back walk, with beautiful views across Lake Macquarie. Locals often relax in the cafes along the Warners Bay Esplanade or sit on the shore to watch the evening sunset.

Again, be careful of bikes as this is a very popular walk on weekends. Likewise, we suggest always keeping your dog leashed in this area. Weekdays are a less-busy option if you can make it then!  

5 King Edward Park

It’s hard to believe King Edward Park is right beside the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. With lush green lawns, garden beds and a beautiful rotunda, it looks more like an English garden.

This is the perfect spot to bring a picnic blanket and some friends in summer, with lots of shady spots. Nearby, you can enjoy amazing coastal views while burning some energy by walking your dog up and down the steep pathways. You might even spot a whale or some dolphins swimming past in winter.

Needless to say, when you are too pressed for time, simply visit Pawshake to book a friendly dog walker. Let's face it, life can get busy and our Newcastle dog walkers are here to help.


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