How to help animals during bushfire season

How to help animals during bushfire season


How to help animals during bushfire season

The most effective way to help precious pets and wildlife during bushfire season is to plan ahead, spread awareness and donate to wildlife rescue organisations. The bushfire devastation can feel super overwhelming, but choosing just some of the following simple, actionable steps can have a positive impact.

How to keep pets safe during bushfire season

  • If you live in an area impacted by bushfire, always have an evacuation plan. Run through it with your family, keep it on the fridge and include your pets in the planning. Here is an excellent guide by the Queensland Government to planning for bushfire season with your pets.
  • Keep all pets indoors to protect them from smoky conditions, or wildlife potentially coming into your property to escape the fires. 
  • Make sure your pets are microchipped and registered and have a plan in place in case they go missing.
  • Provide your pet with plenty of extra water bowls during hot conditions, don’t walk dogs when the sun is high (this can really burn their paws) and never, ever leave a pet unattended in a car.

How to help wildlife during the bushfire season

  • Leave water bowls and buckets in your garden for thirsty animals – but be sure to leave a few sticks or stones in them so smaller creatures don’t get stuck.
  • Regularly check your pool filter and pool for any animals, and create a ‘bridge’ with a pool float or large stick so that animals can escape if they fall in.
  • Consider donating to Wires, who provide training, support and essential resources to wildlife rescuers.
  • Keep Wires’ contact number in your phone and on the fridge in case you spot an injured or distressed animal.
  • Keep a carrier or box in your car in case you see any injured wildlife while out driving: but always call Wires before handling. Injured or burnt wildlife can suffer from shock, which can be made worse from being handled too much. We don’t recommend touching or trying to hold any wild animals unless you are experienced and know exactly what you are doing.
  • Use common sense and stay well away from any injured snakes, bats, birds or other predators (call Wires for advice).

How to help animal rescue groups

Here are some amazing animal rescue fundraisers that you can contribute to financially, which can make a world of difference to our animals in need:

Here are some more great organisations you can donate to and support during this difficult time:

If you have goods to donate, we strongly suggest using Givit. Givit specializes in organizing and distributing goods to people and communities in need.

Take care of yourself, and if you can, be sure to step back from time to time to give yourself a break and avoid becoming too mentally and emotionally overwhelmed. Share this post with friends and family so they can learn how to help too!