Can a house sitter keep my home safe?

Can a house sitter keep my home safe?


Can a house sitter keep my home safe?

A house sitter can keep your home safe when you are away by keeping it looking lived in while you are away. It's normal to feel a little worried when you go on holiday, but a house sitter can make sure your oven is off, your mail is brought in, your plants are watered and your pet is fed and safe.

What does a house sitter do?

Thinking about hiring a house sitter? Here is what a house sitter does and why you should consider hiring one:

  • Your pet can stay where they are the happiest – in their own home, with their cosy bed and familiar toys. 
  • Your house will be lived in – lights on and off, doors opening and closing…which is a huge deterrent for an opportunistic burglar.
  • You can discuss with your house sitter about extra jobs like bringing in the mail, taking the bins in and out and watering the plants.
  • Instead of coming home to a dank house, your house sitter will keep the air flowing and the house fresh. No more mould or mildew after the holidays.
  • Extra pet cuddles and pats are free, which helps prevent separation anxiety.
  • Do you have a cleaner or handyman that needs to drop in? Parcels arriving that need to be signed for? Your house sitter can do this for you too.
  • Have you ever come home to a fridge full of spoilt food? A house sitter can keep an eye on those little things for you before you return home.
  • You can personally choose and get to know your house sitter - meet and greets come obligation-free.
  • Your house sitter can make sure the house has a quick tidy when you come home.

How do I hire a house sitter?

Visit Pawshake, enter your suburb into the search bar, your dates and the service 'house sitting'. Send a message to a few available house sitters with your requirements. Arrange to meet up in person with an available house sitter and, if all goes well, return to Pawshake to complete the booking.

Our house sitters will update you with daily photos and news from your pet, so you needn't feel worried or stressed during your trip.

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