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About Melanie

A little about your pooches stay-cation host

I am Melanie, single, old enough to have bounced around in the tray of a Ute while my parents drove around town... human child-free and pet rescue lover. My best friend (Ziggy aka Piggy) crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 19 years old in December, so I am recovering from a broken heart. 

The perfect salve is to love on as many poochies as possible until I am ready for my next rescue. Fostering and pet sitting has honestly been the most incredible way to work through the grief. I had no idea how much happiness pet sitting would bring me. 

I own my own company and work from a home office, but I have the work-life balance situation nailed. I love my twice daily walks where I know all the local fur kids by name. I also enjoy walking to my local dog-friendly cafes for breakfast and lunch. 

Before you read any further .. If you have big poochie ...

I am so sorry if you have a big boi or girl - I love them all! But, have to limit petstays to pooches 12kg or below.

A little about your poochie's stay-cation location

Beautiful Paradise Point is a Poochie's dream stay-cation destination. At each end of my street, you will find endless walking paths, sandy beaches, calm waters and plenty of sniffing opportunities. While there is a pet-friendly off-leash area, I like to keep the furry ones on a leash and within grabbing distance because some fur kids haven't been taught manners, and your poochies safety is my #1 priority. 

If your pooch loves to swim, we can do a bit of shallow paddleboarding or simply shallow paddling! We will stay landbound if they're not so keen on water adventures. We also adventure during the earlier and later hours in Summer to keep the heat down; if the road is still too hot in the afternoon, I have a cart to wheel poochie down to the grassed areas. 

A little about your poochie's stay-cation accommodation

A big grassed yard with both morning and afternoon shady spots is accessible by a small doggy door; for bigger doggies, the door can be left open. There is a set of stairs, but older, smaller dogs (under 10kg) can be given the royal treatment (I will carry them down) if needed. *Always royal treatment for Dacshunds to keep their backs safe. 

The yard is fully fenced with 6 to 8-foot fences all the way around. Even the smollest good boi's can't escape. 

The front gate is always locked, so no delivery guys accidentally letting your beloved out sans' chaperon! 

The air conditioning is on a timer, so anything over 27 degrees will trigger the air con, and I tend to have it on while I work anyway. 

I am a bed and lounge sharer, so if your best buddy likes to snuggle, they're most welcome. If they prefer the safety of their crate or the comfort of their bed, that is fine, too! 

Communication during your poochies stay 

I send as many or as few photos and videos as you like. Some pawrents find it a bit emotional to see regular pics, others prefer as many as possible. I can do either! 

As a guide I usually send a morning text to let you know how they slept, and an evening text with photos of our daily adventures. 

Your poochie will have full WiFi access and can FaceTime you too! 

Things you just might need to know 

  • Little people (1 to 5 years old) do very occasionally visit, and while we do work on them understanding boundaries, not approaching pets without permission etc but they're still practising. If you have a reactive pet just let me know - I will be sure to avoid any crossoves in visits.  
  • No other animals reside on the property, and my sweet old boy was always vaccinated. He also never had a flea on him.
  • Cameras are installed in my living space and front door to check in on Poochie if I am out; I don't tend to be out for huge periods of time and like being able to go to dog-friendly places (if Poochie loves Bunnings, they're in for a real treat!). Four to five hours 2 to 3 times per week would be the max (your pet-sitter-to-be is a homebody!).  
  • Car and driver (me!) available if any medical emergencies were to occur, and there is a car seat available 
  • Curly coat and double-coated dog experience. Poodle, Maltese, Bichon, Cav King Charles, Golden and Samoyed coat brushing experience 
  • Stealth medication provider (my boy was SMART) and I am able to administer ear drops for the floppy ear brigade 
  • Multiple meal times per day is no problem. Kitchen scales on hand if your poocho is on a "weight loss journey" or needs to keep their summer body in shape.
  • What your poochie might like to pack to make their visit comfortable

    Anything or nothing! You're welcome to bring anything that will make your poochie feel at home and be more comfortable during their stay. 

    I have the following: 

    • Two comfy poochie beds 
    • Couch pad 
    • Large cooling mat 
    • Car seat (up to 12kg/small dog) 
    • Leads and harnesses 
    • Poop bags
    • Small life jacket (toy poodle size) 
    • Dog pram (up to 12kg) 
    • Big and small food and water bowls 
    • Treats - (Providore and Ziwi brand) 
    • Lick mat (and pooch-friendly peanut butter) 
    • Sniff mat 
    • Basket of soft toys, balls, chew rings and treat puzzle balls 
    • Pet wash (Adairs brand) 
    • Epi-otic Ear cleaner (for the floppy ear kiddos)  
    • Towels 
    • Safety gate to limit access to stairs, or to keep in a specific room if that is what happens at your home 
    • Pedestal fan/heater 
    • Paddle pool for warmer days
    • Grooming brushes and clippers (I promise not to clip your dog!!! But, in case of an emergency, they're good to have). 
    • Hygiene between guests

      Poochies all have their own ermm... scent.. To ensure your poochie isn't stressed by the scent of previous guests, all floors, toys, bedding, towels etc, are cleaned between stays (even overnighters). 

      Toys and bedding are hot soaked in a mix of washing soda, Sard power (antibacterial), then machine washed in Adair's laundry liquid and Milton anti bac tablets. Floors are cleaned with boiling water and domestos, then second cleaned with Bondi or Koala brand floor cleaner. Carpets and rugs are given a steam and spritz with carpet freshener. *Cleaning is my love language 😊 

      If your poochie has skin sensitivities, just let me know, I will be mindful of the products I use for cleaning. 

      Great info for me to know:  

      • Key words or phrases your poochie responds to 
      • Bathroom habits or routines 
      • Tummy issues (I have tummy issues too🫣, I am not judging, just good to know if the odd "loose" poop 🤢 is normal or not - if it isn't I will know to check for any other signs of illness or anxiety)
      • Meal time preferences and amounts
      • Walking speed, leash behavior  
      • Stressors (vacuum, hairdryer, butt sniffing by larger dogs 🥴, ear brushing etc)  
      • Previous health issues and required medications 
      • Preferred or regular vet clinic
      • Bathing and brushing comfort level for long stay friends  
      • Sleep routine  
      • Quirky little habits  
      • Birthday or "Gotcha Day" celebrations (if they happen to fall during your poochies stay they will enjoy a special dinner, treats and doggy nice-cream *frozen banana blended*)
      • Next steps

        1. Send me a message with your pooches info and any special requests. I will double check other bookings and my work schedule then get back to you asap. 

        2. We will arrange a meet and greet to make sure you and your doggo feel comfortable with my yard, home and me! *For longer stays we can arrange a day or two for your little one to visit on their own for a few hours so their longer visits aren't stressful

        Got questions or concerns?

        I get it! This is your best friend we're talking about. My sweet boy was the absolute love of my life, everything I did revolved around his happiness and needs. He was my world, and I honestly did not care how crazy people thought (or would say to my face 😑) I was. I want you, and your family, to be 100% at ease leaving your little pooch with me.  

        Message me - ask me any questions at all.

        Melanie's services

        At the sitter's home

        Doggy Day Care
        Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
        10 AUD for each additional pet
        40 AUD
        Dog Boarding
        Overnight stay at the sitter's home
        20 AUD for each additional pet
        60 AUD

        Melanie also offers

        Pick up / drop off

        Cancellation policy: Flexible

        Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

        No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

        Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone


        Profile accuracy
        Treatment of animals
        Doggy Day Care
        Annette, 2024-07-06

        Finding Melanie was a godsend for me and my elderly and anxious little Maltese Shihtzu, Molly. She was so lovely to deal with and even more lovely when I met her in person. Melanie sent photos of Molly while I was away from her, and the communication was excellent. I would have no hesitation using Melanie again if I were on the Gold Coast and am very happy to give her a five star recommendation. Thank you Melanie for your excellent care for Molly.

        Dog Boarding
        Lou, 2024-05-27

        I found Melanie last minute to take care of our 12 year old english staffy overnight, and I am so very grateful for the complete love and thoughtful care she gave to our dog Quinn during his stay. Melanie is such a lovely human and we are very glad we found her! Wonderful, clear and honest communication. Quinn felt at home as soon as he stepped into Melanie's home. A really lovely experience for us all, we cannot recommend Melanie enough to others who want their pets to be treated with lots of love and care! Quinn dog is our "first baby" so to be able to leave him with a new person and feel so at ease was a big relief. Thank you Melanie! You're the best!

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        About Melanie's Home

        Accepted pets

        < 1 year
        Dog sizes
        0-20 kg
        Dog ages
        0-20 years

        Melanie's home

        A medium outdoor area
        Has no kids
        A fully fenced backyard

        Walking areas

        Nearby off-leash dog area
        Urban & Beach


        Specific Skills

        I speak English
        +10 years of experience
        Familiar with dog training techniques

        Experience with

        Rescuing pets


        Phone interviewed


        Perfect Stay-cation for Pooch While you Fetch a Break!

        Paradise Point
        Dog boarding
        24h stay, at sitter's home
        20 AUD for each additional pet
        60 AUD
        All services and rates
        Contact Melanie

        Cancellation policy: Flexible

        Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

        No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

        Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

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