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Doggy Day Care
Doggy day care
Daytime care, at the sitter's home
45 AUD for each additional pet
50 AUD
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About Louise

Welcome to RIDGEVIEW RETREAT. A true Doggie Oasis! Fully Fenced Acreage for Safety & Security.  We are always home with your Doggie too. 24/7.  Fully Supervised ALL DAY & NIGHT.

We absolutely adore dogs - big dogs, little dogs, all dogs! Little dogs that act like big dogs ...... & big dogs that think they're little dogs .. hee hee.

We are a mature aged professional couple and both have had dogs since our childhood. There's truly something special between the bond of a 'Dog and its Owner'. Or should I say .. a Balanced Dog and its Owner. With Love and Respect this can .....and will be .... achieved.

We have been minding dogs for well over 12 years now. We absolutely are very blessed to be able to do what we do with our own dogs, as well as our furry guests. 

We truly Love Dogs, but also Respect Dogs and give them what they actually Need.. beyond love, cuddles and affection. We give them that PLUS ....... we actually allow the Dog to actually just be a Dog! We offer STRUCTURED Supervised Socialisation to allow this to occur safely.

We are Professional Dog Minding Specialists & Pack Walk Specialists, and we use our skills so that we can have all the Big Dogs and Little Dogs all mixing together in our OPEN KENNEL ENVIRONMENT safely and securely. 

We're very proud of our ability to achieve this and that's what MAKES US STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!

We have access to nearly 2 acres FULLY FENCED property - 12 mins to Robina, 6 mins to M1. We do daily hikes around the Bonogin Hills & our motto is "a Tired Dog is a HAPPY Dog!" Social interaction & play are also top priorities. We have 3 fully fenced grassed yards (1.6m high with s/steel mesh fencing on bottom at a minimum, and the largest is 1.8m high), as well as a large undercover alfresco area and a huge pool and entertainment area - so in all 4 separate yards - which can all be connected, or all kept separated. But we advocate the socialisation with both large and small dogs (fully supervised) in our 'open kennel' environment. We have the dogs play all day together with no limitations to their Socialisation.

Dogs MUST be comfortable around other dogs, off lead. Depending on size, age and fitness we would gladly take your furry baby on our pack walks, and we advocate the use of positive reinforcement for training and managing behaviours. When staying for an Overnight Stay, or Doggy Daycare, the walks are INCLUDED in the fee.

We advocate positive training techniques to keep our own pooches & guests, calm and harmonious whilst in our care. We sometimes use Backpacks (in the cooler months only) & always use our Dog Walking Leads (we supply these nationally to Dog Training Professionals) when we walk all the pooches. I have a Certificate IV in Dog Psychology and Behavioural Science, am a member of the PPGA, have Certificate IV Dog Behaviour Certificate, an RSPCA Dog Minding (Pet Sitting) Certificate, NDTF certified, as well as a Police Background Check Clearance also.

We also offer Doggy Daycare on MONDAYS to FRIDAYS with fully supervised socialisation and pool playtime too. Pack Walks are included too (and completed on most days - weather dependent). Please note that spaces are limited, so book ahead to guarantee your furry baby being spoilt by Ridgeview Retreat and give you complete peace of mind whilst you are away. If you would like your beloved pooch to stay and sleep indoors .. not a problem .. but they MUST be able to house trained,  or crate trained (byo crate).


* Drop off time is between 7am - 8:15am

* Pick up is 2:30 - 5pm


(Normally only available for current Daycare Crew, or after a couple of Daycares with us ...  as we must be very comfortable with your dog before we can accept them for an Overnight Stay).

* Drop off time is a designated time between 8:30am - 10:30am (M-F), 8am - 10am (Sat)

*  No drop offs on Sundays.

* Pick up times for 


8:30 -10:30am or 2 - 4pm 


8 - 10am or 2 - 4pm 


2:30 - 4pm only 


The current C5 Vaccination Certificate must be presented PRIOR to Booking. .. either sent via email or text through. All pooches must be completely up to date with their Worming, Flea and Tick treatments also.

As we have an OPEN KENNEL ENVIRONMENT we cannot allow Personal Inspections, as we MUST maintain our Calm and Balanced Environment, without any External Disruptions, but are very happy to answer any questions you may have.


PN : we are unable to take any AMERICAN STAFFYS (pitbulls), ENGLISH STAFFYS or BULL TERRIERS, DOBERMANS, ROTTWEILLERS  GREAT DANES, or mixes who are over 6 months of age, whom haven't stayed with us before. They can be looked at a Case-by-Case basis, but must have extremely good Social Skills and have strong and consistent leadership at home, otherwise they will not suit our Open Kennel Environment unfortunately. 

35 kgs maximum weight limit. 

UNDESEXED Males over 8 months of age, are unable to be accepted, or if they constantly mark or hump other dogs they are not suitable for our Open Kennel Environment.

UNDESEXED Females may not be accepted in Heat, or for 21 days after.

Dogs that Bark EXCESSIVELY will NOT able to be accepted into our Open Kennel Environment.

Dogs that Play Excessively ROUGH with other dogs will also not be accepted. 

Louise's services

At the sitter's home

Doggy Day Care
Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
45 AUD for each additional pet
50 AUD
Dog Boarding
Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
65 AUD for each additional pet
85 AUD

Louise also offers

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone


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Doggy Day Care
Sandy, 2024-02-07

Our boy was well looked after by Louise and her husband, they were very easy to communicate with and when speaking to Louise I could see she had a lot of knowledge about doggies behaviours and helped me feel at ease that my hard work won't go in vain having my pup here. I appreciated your feedback and we hope to see you soon :)

Dog Boarding
Hamish, 2023-10-16

Our Tilly loved her stay and came home happier than ever!

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Louise's Pets

Ashy Boy
German Shepherd
Rhodesian Ridgeback X

About Louise's Home

Accepted pets

< 1 year
Dog sizes
0-40 kg
Dog ages
0-20 years
Dog sex
Female & Male

Louise's home

A large outdoor area
Has no kids
24/7 supervision
A fully fenced backyard
Emergency transport

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area
Country side & Forest


Specific Skills

I speak English & Other
+10 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques
* PACK WALKS ARE INCLUDED IN OUR RATES, no extra charge. * Professional Mature Age Couple whom are fully experienced in Dog Psychology and Behavioural Training * Dogs are only taken out of our yards ON LEAD - for their walk * Professional Dog Pack Walkers * experienced with large dog breeds (and small) * DOGGY DAYCARE - Mondays to Fridays only (no weekends) * we advocate the use of positive reinforcement for training & managing behaviours in our own dogs, and our furry guests. * large dog area = 1400sqm grassed area (fully fenced - 1.6m to 1.8m high) * medium dog area = 450sqm grassed area (fully fenced 1.6m high, with stainless steel mesh on bottom so very secure) * small dog area = 300 sqm grassed area (fully fenced, bricked up and side boundary fence, with panels across so again, very secure) * plenty of shade, plenty of space, plenty of fresh water available, plenty of walks and playtime. * swimming lessons offered in the warmer months .. INCLUDED in the rate * do NOT tolerate any dog aggressive behaviours (food aggression, toy aggression and pulling on the lead) - we will use our techniques and patience so any dogs who stay will also be socialised and integrated into the pack - with no aggression allowed. * all guests MUST be comfortable around other dogs, and have very good Social Skills to be able to be incorporated into our Open Kennel Environment. * Dogs that bark EXCESSIVELY will not be able to be accepted in our Open Kennel Environment * Dec & Jan BOOKINGS : 20 DEC to 12 JAN : $110 per dog, per overnight stay * Xmas Bookings only Accepted once Webpage updated with correct pricing and an Assessment Trial Day has been completed and approved. OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday 7am - 10:30am and 2:30pm - 5pm Saturdays 8am - 10am and 2 - 4pm Sundays 2:30pm - 4pm ONLY

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems


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Ridgeview Retreat - Luxury Acreage Fully Fenced Retreat.

Reedy creek
Doggy Day Care
Doggy day care
Daytime care, at the sitter's home
45 AUD for each additional pet
50 AUD
All services and rates
Contact Louise

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

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