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About Cathryn

My partner and I care for your dog at our home with our 17 mth old Whippet, Geraldina! Click 'Read More' ...


- 🌲🎄Holiday peak periods are in high demand. Please book early to avoid disappointment.🙂

- 💲🏷 Fixed rate for existing clients! Please check that the $$/night has not increased if you re-book. Please make me aware if it has increased so I can fix it back to the lower rate.

-🗓 VIP availability for existing clients: If you are an existing client, please contact me even if I appear unavailable. I prioritize returning clients and will juggle my own commitments. I adore my little best friends returning and I would hate to miss out on having them stay! 



Non-destructive, house-trained, lower-energy dogs are welcome and will receive personalised care!  

- 🥰 Cuddles, play and couch time guaranteed!

- 🤳 Have daily photo updates sent to you via the app plus direct mobile phone contact available (incl. video calls).  

- 🐕 Walks are recorded via my fitness app and a summary of the walk sent to you! If your dog is happy to walk with my dog I can offer discounted walks. Request / discuss at the meet and greet!

- ☀️🌙 My routine can adapt to match closely with your pet's normal routine.  

- 💤 They sleep indoors in the living room or in the bedroom. A heat-pad is available if they enjoy the extra warmth.  

-🥣 🦴 Fed once or twice a day, as per their routine. Yes I can accommodate fresh meat/refrigeration feed regimes!

- 🐩 🚿 Eye, ear, teeth hygiene maintained and coat groomed. Please supply all items. I groom gently and calmly.

- 🧹🪣 Toilet routine is reinforced with daily mess clean-up.  

- 🥎🧸 Daily dedicated playtime in the garden included (eg. throwing a ball or playing 'tug-o-war') plus incidental outdoor time while I garden.  

- 🛻 Car rides are an optional bonus (join me as I visit the countryside to feed my horses).  

-⛱🌲 I am conveniently located only a 3-minute walk away from the beautiful Bellarine Rail Trail and a nature walk along the creek. I love to visit the foreshore for beach adventures.

- 🐴🐹 I can also take care of small ‘pocket’ pets, and I can visit farms/horses/livestock on request. I grew up on a hobby farm and have owned animals all my life. I have owned mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, quail, budgies, lizards, fish, cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses, and donkeys.  


Advertised price (via Pawshake) is for a 30min walk. Read more below for alternative options. 

I offer dog walking during their stay. I usually complete my dog walking after 2pm. I can take your dog to the off-leash area and the beach on arrangement. Discounted walks when your dog can join my dog on walks.


I am a gentle, attentive, and calm person who enjoys hosting pets at our home, allowing you to plan a holiday!

I am confident in taking care of higher-needs pets /with complex health conditions. I am very patient and familiar with dogs with anxiety. I have always managed to figure out what they need to feel safe enough to settle in. 

I have a medical student background and hold a Biomedical Science degree. I am quiet and patient. I often receive positive feedback from owners of typically anxious or grumpy pets who have noticed their dog ‘doesn’t seem to mind you’!  

✅ I hold a Biomedical Science Degree and a keen interest in the health and well-being of all living things.

🚫 There are no children to stress out your pet or distract me from your pet.

✅ I hold a current police check and Working With Children check via my employer. 

✅ My hubby also holds a current police check as a requirement of his work. 

✅We are both triple-vaccinated and have annual flu vaccinations. We are a safe, clean, tidy and respectful couple.

I petsit because I really enjoy getting to meet lovely people and dogs. Petsitting means I am able to create treasured memories with loyal, happy, and devoted animals. I dedicate my heart and my attention to each dog I care for. I consider caring for an animal as an extremely important commitment and take it very seriously. It is a huge responsibility. Especially when the dog is not your own. I know my involvement impacts not only the dog but their whole family. Your dog becomes part of my family so your family can confidently enjoy a guilt-free holiday. 

I am a homebody and I love spending time with our Whippet and watching her funny antics. I also have ponies who live in a paddock around the corner. I am happy to bring your dog with me instead of leaving them at home. If they come with me they can watch and wait in the car or sit under a tree outside the paddock. Please let me know if you have a certain preference.  

I am away from home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 8 hours and 4 hours on Saturday's. This means your dog needs to be familiar with being home unsupervised for that length of time. My cameras record everything they do. Miss Gerry goes to daycare for the day, so your dog has the house to themselves. 

My husband, Taylor, works full-time and is out at work during the day. He loves to come home to happy wagging tails and likes to join me on walks. Dogs warm to Taylor very quickly.


My fees reflect thorough, reliable services. This hobby is not focused on making an income. It involves a lot of effort, time, patience, dedication and concentration. Especially for first-time clients, young dogs, or higher maintenance dogs. I am covering the cost of replenishing cleaning products, treats, spare toys, spare bedding, doggy poop bags, and laundry. The spare money goes towards Miss Gerry, the garden, dinner out with friends or taking mum out for a day trip with family.

I schedule my whole day/week/fortnight/month/year and holidays around which dog I am caring for...and how the needs of the dog might (or might not) allow me to run errands, visit family, attend appointments, fulfil commitments, accept dinner invitations, and accept work shifts. 

I have never needed to cancel a booking I have committed to completing. However, if you need to cancel your booking from your end, that is ok!


We live in a cosy home with a private, locked, small sheltered garden/courtyard with tall fences. We love having our companions sit with us inside. They get their own dedicated dog lounge if they are allowed on the couch at home! Your dog is allowed in the bedroom to sleep if that is their normal routine. Please discuss options if your dog snores =)   

We have a sunny, tiled living room with a sliding door opening out onto the patio. Your dog can choose to play outside on the grass, relax on the patio or come inside to seek the comfort of the couch or their bed/crate. We have a paddling pool for the water-loving breeds to enjoy on those warm days.  

There are no toxic weeds, garden chemicals or pesticides outside. No mice/rat burden in the environment.

Please inspect my yard at the meet and greet. Tell me if you think they will need to be kept away from pot plants, or blocked from areas where they are likely to dig. 

I have two separate parts of the house with access to separate garden space, if your dog prefers to be away from my Whippet, or if they need a break from playing.  I never leave them together unsupervised. Not even for a short time. They stay in their own areas even if I shower! This avoids anyone stealing each others bed or getting on each others nerves. 


Geraldina (Miss Gerry) is an 18kg, 17 month old, neutered Whippet. She is very social and can play and chase and wrestle with energetic dogs. She is also learning to ignore small dogs who prefer to keep to themself. She is naturally confident and boisterous. She loves burning off her energy in bursts and then becoming a snuggle bug for most of the day. 

I am very proud of how she has been able to share her space with many dogs with many different characteristics. It is very important to nurture her friendly and confident nature. This means I closely monitor all her interactions with other dogs. I avoid negative interactions by being one step ahead. Your dog will not be annoyed or forced to interact with Miss Gerry if they do not enjoy it.  It is not good for either dog if they irritate each other. I put in place measures to avoid any stress.  

Miss Gerry sleeps with us on her bed in our room. She is fed twice a day in a separate area from guest dogs. She also goes to daycare while I am on an 8 hour shift. If I leave the house for a short time, she rests in her own area, separated from any guest dogs.  

Geraldina has shared our home with Chihuahua's, Mini Dachshunds, Fox Terriers, a Shih Tzu, Bull Arab, Staffy, Border Collie, Vizsla, Corgi, Whippet, Grey Hound, GSP, Labrador, Retriever, Beaglier, Cavoodles, Labradoodles and more. She is not at all toy, food, bed or treat possessive. 

You are welcome to join us for our off-leash run at the Drysdale Oval each Saturday to meet us! Contact me to coordinate.  🙂


My home is suitable for dogs who have lower energy needs and are used to smaller yards and suburban life. Please let me know if your dog has ever dug out or scaled fences to escape. 

I am away from home for 8 hours on Tuesday's and Wednesday's, and 4 hours on Saturday's. 

This means your dog needs to be familiar with being home unsupervised for that length of time. My home is not suited to dogs that are destructive or those with chronic barking or howling habits.  

If my husband is at home then your dog will have company even while I am at work. If no one is home your dog will stay safely inside the air-conditioned lounge room. It is best if your dog has experienced staying home alone at your home recently so they are familiar with the scenario and you are confident they can cope.

To ensure the experience is pleasant for everyone involved I am happy to discuss your dogs quirks in detail. In addition, new quirks can appear when dogs are away from their usual home and family. I will discuss these with you and address them if they arise. 

I understand each dog is different. However, I won't be able to accept any new clients with dogs who are not toilet-trained. Accidents happen, especially while the dog settles in, which is completely understandable. If the 'accidents' turn into an unbreakable habit I may need to discuss options going forward. 

ℹ Consider toilet-trained to mean they are able to stay inside overnight with the door closed WITHOUT urinating inside. Please tell me if you think I should keep your dog off the carpets.

I am unable to accept dogs who have a history of pinning other dogs down aggressively or biting. 

Highly anxious or naturally assertive dogs can become unpleasant if their energy is not redirected. This is their way of indicating they are uncomfortable. If you know your dog has a history of becoming aggressive (growling, snarling, snappy) please explain and discuss this at the meet and greet. We can determine a management plan in advance, in case this behaviour begins to appear. 

🙏Please be forthcoming with any of your concerns. There is no need to maintain an image of the perfect dog. Just like people, each dog has their own reason for acting the way they do and I am very understanding. I often receive positive feedback from owners of typically anxious or grumpy pets who have noticed their dog ‘doesn’t seem to mind you’!  

The meet and greet is your opportunity to assess my home and garden and provide me with advice on how you would set up things to best suit your dog. Will the pot plants be moved out of reach? Should the inside door mats be removed so they are not urinated on? Will the couch be ripped up if they are home alone for 4 hrs? Please feel free to discuss past behaviours that you feel may be concerning. Forewarned is forearmed!


STEP 1: Create your pet's profile.  

Please include photos. MORE info is better than less.  

STEP 2: Select dates.  

Select the drop-off day and the pick-up day. You are invoiced per night when booking the home boarding service, not per day.

STEP 3: Send me your enquiry.  

Include a brief example of their regular routine for the day.  

For example....  

What do you love about your dog? When are they most content? What is their favourite thing?

What is the most challenging thing about your dog in your opinion? What is their least favourite thing/situation?

 Do they usually stay inside or outside when you are not home?

Are they toilet-trained or do they need a doggy door?

 What is the maximum length of time between toilet breaks?  

 What is the maximum length of time they can be left alone if necessary? 

Where do they sleep?  

Are they allowed on the couch or your bed at home?  

How often do they go on walks with you, if at all?  

Are your dogs able to socialise in a yard with other dogs? Can they go for walks with other dogs? 

How do you manage incessant barking (bark collar, spray bottle, stays inside when alone)? ...We do need to consider the neighbours if there will be a doggy choir if they are left alone :) Thank you.  

Have they stayed away from home before?

Have they shown destructive behaviour? 

Have they experienced traumatic situations? 

STEP 4: Arrange a Meet & Greet (M&G).

Arrange a date and time to visit me at my home to introduce your dog and show them around!

Why arrange a M&G? M&G appointments are free of charge and can be held in person or via online video. I recommend you arrange a time to visit our home with your dog to make sure they are familiar and comfortable with the new space. This is especially important when you are booking a stay longer than a couple of nights. If your pet is extra nervous I am happy to lend you a blanket from our house before their stay. This may help associate our home with their home.

When you visit, you can discuss drop off/pick up times, walks, and collect the intake form.

❗Please remind me to give you my intake form! I will require an intake form for all first-time clients. It helps summarise your dog's care, details, and emergency contacts. Additionally, please tell me if you want to arrange walks and how many.

STEP 5: Click 'Confirm booking'.  

It is VERY important you confirm your booking to secure your spot. Otherwise, I may get overbooked because it looks like I am available!  

How is payment made? Once you confirm the booking Madpaws will take the payment and hold it for us. It will be released to me, minus Madpaws % cut, once the holiday is finished, you have completed a review, and all is well. 

You are always able to cancel if required without any loss to you prior to the day of the booking to receive a full refund.  

STEP 6: Prepare & pack.

You made it through the booking system. Excellent!

🧳Now you can prepare your pet...


•It is courteous to give your furry friend a quick bath before their stay, especially if they are medium to long hair dogs who will be staying inside most of the time. Don't have time? Arrange for me to bathe them for you! 

•A dose of flea and worm treatment is highly recommended and appreciated. These little details help keep my home clean and safe for my guests.

•I take pride in caring for and maintaining my 'kids' health and upkeep during their stay. We kindly ask for you to supply the

following items…  

- food & bowl.

- bedding.

- crate if crate trained

- poop bags / litter.

- plenty of their own toys & treats...helps build trust and rapport! 

- towels for wet feet or beach time. 

- collar, car/walking harness & lead (please make additional bookings for regular walks. Occasional short walks are included as part of the basic stay).  

Optional items, such as:

- jackets, booties

- pet-safe wipes for their eyes and whiskers.

- brushes, grooming items.

- any medication they need

- any other item to help them feel at home!

❗ Please note: If there is any risk of toileting accidents (puppies, young dogs, dogs not used to carpet, elderly dogs with incontinence) please let me know so I can prepare the house to keep them off the carpet!


My cancellation policy is that I will always arrange a full refund for cancellations due circumstances beyond your control.

MadPaws cancellation policy applies to all other cancellations. See FAQs via the website.

🙏 Please note: I spend a significant amount of time meeting clients, scheduling dates, and juggling my own commitments to ensure that your pooch receives the holiday you planned. Please treat your commitment to this booking

as carefully as I do.

Thank you.  


I am friendly, flexible, and tolerant, despite this very specific and detailed profile! I have written such an extensive profile to make sure we all have the same expectations and to make the experience pleasant. It also helps to waste less of your time. I am looking forward to caring for your little treasure. My pets are to be treated as though they are my family.  



Cathryn's services

At the sitter's home

Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
8 AUD for each additional pet
39 AUD
Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
8 AUD for each additional pet
69 AUD

At your home

House Sitting
A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
150 AUD

Cathryn also offers

Dog training

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone


Profile accuracy
Treatment of animals
Dog Boarding
Wendy, 2024-03-20

Our dogs thoroughly enjoyed their stay with Cathryn, which meant we enjoyed our holiday. Many Thanks Cathryn!

Doggy Day Care
Valerie, 2023-11-26

Cathryn was fantastic and very easy to communicate with. It was the first time we left our puppy with someone else but we felt very confident with Cathryn's care and loving attention. Would definitely recommend her.

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Skills, experience and assets: Valid police check / Working with Children's Check / COVID regulation-compliant & fully vaccinated [3 doses complete] / Annual Flu Vaccinations up-to-date / Non-smoker / Own car and license / Volunteered at Riders Disability Australia Thursday mornings / Biomedical Science Degree / Previously a Medical Student / Currently employed at Barwon Health, Geelong Hospital

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems




Country & Coast 100% Care by Cathryn

House sitting
24h stay, in your home
150 AUD
All services and rates
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Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if canceled before 12:00 p.m. one day before the booking, 50% refund afterward.

No refund is payable if the booking is canceled on or after the start date.

Note: All times are based on the sitter’s time zone

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