Happy Hounds

Happy Hounds

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Get to know each other first.

Home dog boarding (24h)

Your pet goes to Dennis.
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AU $ 45/night
(AU $35 for each additional pet)

Doggy day care

Your pet stays with Dennis during the day.
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AU $ 15/day
(AU $15 for each additional pet)

One home visit per day

Dennis comes to your place.
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AU $ 40/day

Two home visits per day

Dennis comes to your place.
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AU $ 40/day

Dog walking

Dennis will walk your dog.
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AU $ 45/walk
(AU $35 for each additional pet)



Queanbeyan east Pawshaker since Sep 2015
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  • Responds: Within a few hours
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Dennis's furry clients.

Miss Molly
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Hi, I'm Dennis!

900 square metre yard. Dogs are allowed inside and outside whenever they want.

The Queanbeyan off-leash dog park is nearby. The Queanbeyan river, before it enters ACT is also cleaner than the other local rivers so dogs are allowed to swim if they want. Dogs always sleep indoors where I can keep an eye on them. They can choose if they want to sleep in their basket or on a bed if they prefer.

In summer, door are left open so they can go out anytime. Walks are 3 hours per day away from the city. Elderly dogs get carried if necessary. I take the responsibility of looking after your best friend very seriously. I take a strong leadership role and I don't allow any bullying between dogs. Only lots of happy interaction.  

I also take decent photos to keep you updated. The photos in this profile are of my old clients. I can pick-up and drop-off anywhere in ACT region. I am also happy to pick up at the Canberra airport which is nearby. I prefer looking after dogs who are an integral part of your family.

I offer a boutique service, very different from a typical kennel. 

Specific Skills

I speak English
Familiar with dog training techniques
20+ years of experience
I can take care of exotic animals
  • I stay with the dogs the whole time - 24 hours a day. I make sure that they enjoy their holiday, while you are enjoying yours. That's my job.
  • I also do training. I specialize in taking care of dogs that don't like kennels and prefer more human interaction.
  • If you have a dog with a behavioral problem then I have a great track record in solving problems, but it is essential that I don't have any other clients dogs here at the time, so off-peak only.
  • Some say that I speak their language. 

I can administer

Oral medications
Injected medications
First aid and CPR for pets

I have experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Artboard Behavioural problems
Rescuing pets

I also offer

Dog training
Pick up / drop off


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

A house
A fully fenced backyard
A large outdoor area

I can provide

24/7 supervision
Emergency transport

When your pet stays with me

I accept

Small animals (rodents, rabbits, birds...)

Walking areas

City park, countryside & bush
Nearby off-leash dog area

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