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Exclusive Indoor Care

South geelong
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Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
15 AUD for each additional pet
27 AUD
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About Cathryn

3220 Postcode care

We are a very friendly and calm couple who would love company. We have no pets of our own living here, so your pet gets 100% of our attention. We do not have any children to stress your pet or distract us from your pet. We have a very quiet flat. Safe, clean and tidy and respectful. I work full-time – 9-5:30pm but if your pet is happy to stay at my home – I am happy to have them. Will be able to give lots of attention after hours and weekends. I live in a warm, clean and tidy unit with a secure courtyard. No chance for escape artists to get into trouble because they will have constant supervision, tall brick fences, with concrete courtyard, and share my warm house. No obnoxious weeds, garden chemicals or pesticides outside. No flea or pest burden in the environment inside or outside. I am within walking distance to the 24-hour Emergency Vet on Fyans Street.

I am very confident with taking care of higher needs pets / complex health conditions. I have a medical student background and hold a Biomedical Science degree. I am quiet and patient. I often receive positive feedback from owners of typically anxious or grumpy pets who have noticed their pet ‘doesn’t seem to mind you’! I can take care of small ‘pocket’ pets, non-destructive cats and dogs. I prefer to only take care of one family’s pets at a time so I can provide them with the most comfortable routine they are used to. I grew up on a farm and have owned animals all my life. I have owned mice, guinea pigs, chickens, quail, budgies, rabbits, lizards, fish, cats, dogs, sheep, cows, horses, and donkeys.

Looking forward to caring for your little treasure. My pets are to be treated as though they are my children.


How you can help prepare your pet for their holiday:

•I ask our clients to consider giving their furry friend a quick bath before their stay, especially if they are medium to long hair dogs who will be staying inside most of the time.

•A dose of flea and worm treatment is highly recommended and appreciated. These little details help keep my home clean and safe for my guests.

•I take pride in caring and maintaining my 'kids' health and upkeep during their stay. We kindly ask for you to supply the following items…

*food & bowl


*poop bags

*pet safe wipes for their eyes and whiskers


*collar & lead (please make additional bookings for 30min regular walks as these are not included as part of the basic stay)

*any medication they need(administering fee will apply).

Optional items include toys, treats, jackets, any other item to help them feel at home.


COVID Considerations

Please wear a mask at the meet & greet, and when picking up and dropping off. =) Thank you.

Cathryn's services

At the sitter's home

Dog Boarding
Overnight stay at the sitter's home
15 AUD for each additional pet
27 AUD
Doggy Day Care
Daytime care for your dog at the sitter's home.
15 AUD for each additional pet
20 AUD

At your home

Dog Walking
An experienced dog walker will pick up your dog from your home for a 30 min walk
10 AUD for each additional pet
10 AUD
Home Visits
Book a sitter to visit your home to feed and play with your pets
35 AUD
House Sitting
A sitter stays overnight in your home and cares for your pet
90 AUD

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards


Profile accuracy
Treatment of animals
Dog Boarding
Kate, 2021-01-15

I felt completely at ease leaving my dog, Luna in Cathryn’s care. She was very welcoming and obviously has a lot of experience with dogs. Her yard is small but secure and Luna was treated as if she was a part of the family.

Dog Boarding
Laura, 2020-11-19

Cathryn was an amazing dog sitter and Vinnie loved his stay there. I would highly recommend her to anyone :)

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Cathryn's Pets

Guinea pig

About Cathryn's Home

Accepted pets

< 1 year
Dog sizes
0-40 kg
Dog ages
0-20 years
Dog sex
Female & Male
all kinds
all kinds
Small animals
rodents, rabbits, ...

Cathryn's home

An apartment
A small outdoor area
Has no kids
A fully fenced backyard
Emergency transport


Specific Skills

I speak English
+20 years of experience
Familiar with dog training techniques
Can take care of exotic animals
  • COVID regulation compliant
  • Annual Flu Vaccinations up-to-date
  • Non-smoker
  • Own car and licence
  • Volunteered at Riders Disability Australia Thursday mornings.
  • Biomedical Science Degree
  • Previously a Medical Student
  • Currently employed as an Executive Assistant at Geelong Hospital

Can Administer

Oral medications
Injected medications

Experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets
Behavioural problems




Exclusive Indoor Care

South geelong
Dog boarding
24h stay, at sitter's home
15 AUD for each additional pet
27 AUD
All services and rates
Contact Cathryn

Cancellation policy: Flexible

Full refund if cancelled before noon one day before the booking, 50% refund afterwards

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