Approved Rspca Carer Family Of 4 For You

Approved Rspca Carer Family Of 4 For You

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Home dog boarding (24h)

Your pet goes to Tory .
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AU $ 20/night
(AU $10 for each additional pet )

One home visit per day

Tory comes to your place .
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AU $ 15 /day

Two home visits per day

Tory comes to your place .
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AU $ 22 /day

Dog walking

Tory will walk your dog .
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AU $ 15 /walk
(AU $5 for each additional pet )

House sitting

Tory comes to your place .
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AU $ 25 /night
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Tory's furry clients.

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Hi, I'm Tory!

I registered as an RSPCA foster carer in 2003 & continue to help out when we can. You'll get a family package with 2 adults, 1 teenager, and young active boy, we all get a lot out of caring for k9's. I love reptiles too. Every pooch has a fun and fascinating personality and we like each one as they come; but we give some basic training and the dogs appreciate it when they know what they are allowed to do-also makes it easier on them for return visits. We do provide treats and bones. You provide the dog's preferred food. Your dog will have full access to our laundry during every day and night - a great size small secured yard during the night and moving cars around. We have taken in larger breeds, but this is a very case to case (older; well trained - not negotiable at this stage with our young man ). Perference is small to medium only and family friendly. The dogs have access to a 1/4acre to run around. We allow everyone inside with us (except on muddy days if they like the rain or during our dinner time). Our laundry is right beside our living area as the sleeping quarters. Please be aware that if your dear pooch is not used to being home alone during a working day; then we may not be your best carer (I work Tues; Wed; Thurs). Best drop days are Fri; Sat; Sun; Mon. We are a busy family and sometimes they come along at school pickup; tennis or soccer. I will request you complete a sheet of information incase of emergency care and contact details. Furbaby must have C5 vaccinations up-to-date please. Enquiries welcome anytime and it's best to come and meet us - to get a feel if we suit you and your pooch - having a dog/s around, makes us happy. I can organise and take your dog for grooming to my contact who is at ForestLake if required during the stay $65 for wash/trim - small dogs (with notice). My services will in 2017 include visits to your house - play for 1hr - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays. (Not available Tues-Thurs). Visits can be for cats and dogs or other.

Specific Skills

I speak English & Other
Familiar with dog training techniques
10+ years of experience

toilet training/mat training.  Some basic obedience; provided by RSPCA on various training nights (every couple of years); the most recent completed on 10Sept2015.

I can administer

Oral medications

I have experience with

Animal welfare as a volunteer
Rescuing pets

I also offer

Pick up / drop off


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

A house
Kids <10 years old
A fully fenced backyard
A large outdoor area

Resident Pets

When your pet stays with me

I accept

Only small dogs
Small animals (rodents, rabbits, birds...)

Walking areas

Nearby off-leash dog area


No dogs over 18kg.

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