Pet Sitting On The North Shore

Pet Sitting On The North Shore

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Hi, I'm Kelly!

We have a big house and  fully fenced section on the North Shore of Auckland and are happy to house sit another dog or two on the weekends. We generally spend the weekends looking after our own dog anyway so having another along for the ride would be great! 

Our little dog Jessie is very friendly although has that high pitched Schnauzer bark when she's excited and even though she's 7 there's still lots of energy left in her. She will play with other dogs and run around with them! She loves going to the beach and we often go for runs in the forrest. There is always a bath required after either of these excursions and we have a great little set up so they can have a bath outside but with warm water! If the weather isn't great we can always head down to the park at the end of the road, or walk along the coastal walk around the bays.

I work in the pet industry (for a veterinary company however I am not a vet myself!). My boss had an exceptionally good experience with Pawshake and told me that I absolutely must become a pet sitter myself. I love animals but obviously have to be realistic about how many I can own, so being able to 'furbabysit' is a great compromise :) 

I've been an airbnb host for a few years - and I have a feeling I may just enjoy having four legged guests staying with me even more than that.

You can expect that your pet will be lovingly looked after, and having used house sitters and pet sitters myself I know just how important photos are while you're away enjoying yourself, you need to know they are happy. Your dog will be walked, fed, watered, cuddled, scratched, have the ball thrown, have the ball thrown again, and again, and again. There will be lots of down time snuggled on the couch watching TV too. 

I will discuss all their needs with you in advance of your pet coming to stay. You are welcome to come have a look at the property and also meet us of course, and if I'm able to I'm happy to do pick-up/drop off. If your dog happens to be booked in with us on a week day, and you're OK with it - I'm able to take them in to the office with me. We have a super pet-friendly office and that means also that we can go for a lovely walk through Cornwall park or up Mt Eden.

Jessie (and other dogs we've babysat) sleeps in our room with us, but on the floor in her own comfy bed. We are flexible with this though.

Lots of pats, cuddles and care guaranteed. 

Specific Skills

I speak English
<1 year of experience


Last minute bookings
Flexible cancellation policy

My place

I have

A house
A fully fenced backyard
A medium outdoor area

Resident Pets

When your pet stays with me

I accept

Only small dogs
Small animals (rodents, rabbits, birds...)

Walking areas

Urban, beach & city park
Nearby off-leash dog area


No dogs over 18kg.

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