The right way to rent with a pet

The right way to rent with a pet


More Aussies are pet owners than ever before, with online pet sitting and dog walking services like Pawshake as clear evidence of this. We sure do love our fur-babies!

Thankfully, the law is evolving all the time to make living with furry friends easier – even if you’re a property renter. 

In fact, state tenancy laws in Victoria may change soon to make renting with a pet more realistic and fair. This is great news according to the Victorian RSPCA, who state that tough ‘no pet’ rules result in 15% of pets surrendered to shelters.

We want to make renting and pet ownership work for everyone: after all, pet owners are responsible for the health and happiness of their cat and dog and, despite the reservations of some landlords, the majority are perfect tenants.

So how do you rent responsibly with a pet and do the right thing by your real estate agent or landlord? Here’s how we can all give pet owners the good name they deserve.

Be honest

Always be upfront on your application when looking for a property – we have a great guide on securing a rental property with a pet

It’s not a great strategy to lie or to hide your pet during inspections as chances are, your rental agent will eventually notice. At the very least this will be a pretty stressful way for you and your pet to live…who wants to deal with hiding pet furniture and taking your pet out every time you have an inspection!

Many landlords and real estate agents are open to discussing a pet bond when you move in - it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask if this is an option. And better yet - services such as offer tools such as Pet Resumes to make the moving process smooth for everyone involved. In fact, over 50, 000 Pet Resumes have been submitted since launching - that's a lot of responsible renting pet owners!  

Keep it clean

It’s a fact that pets present their own unique challenges when it comes to cleaning... depending on the fluffiness factor! 

Cleaning regularly is so much more effective than doing a major blitz once every few months. Dust and vacuum to get rid of pet fur, wipe away snout marks on glass and always deal with carpet stains as soon as they appear. Check out our guide for removing carpet stains and on preventing fleas in the home.

As well as your home, it’s important to keep your pet groomed and tidy – regular brushing can really help the pet fur issue before the fluff even hits the floor.

Be realistic

Do the right thing by your agent and pet. For example, looking to rent with a big dog that needs a lot of exercise? A small flat is probably not right for either of you. 

There may need to be some compromise involved, even if it means moving to a different area where you can afford a little more space or moving somewhere near a good dog park.

This is obviously HUGELY important when it comes to adopting a pet too, so know what you’re in for and what you can and can’t afford in terms of housing as well when you’re looking to adopt.

Think outside the square

Worried about your pet’s stimulation when you know you can’t use a hammer and nails to put up pet furniture? 

A quick Google will show up loads of great portable, non-permanent pet furniture that won’t damage paint and can be taken to your next property – for example, window-suction cat platforms, portable lawn toilets, grass growing kits, interactive feeders, balcony enclosures and much more.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Chances are there is a Pawshake pet sitter just around the block from you - whether you need boarding, pet sitting, house sitting, dog walking or more!

Whether you need a hand during a move or inspection, or just want to give your pet a bit of extra exercise while you’re at work – pop your suburb in the search bar to see who is nearby. Our trusted, friendly sitters will provide the best possible love and care for your pet.

Want to know more about Pawshake or become a sitter yourself? Sign up today!

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