What is Raw Feeding?

What is Raw Feeding?


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We caught up this week with our friends at Raw & Fresh Pet Food to talk about their healthy fresh pet food range and the benefits of feeding Raw & Fresh diets.

For those that have not heard the buzz about Raw & Fresh, they are leaders in home delivered raw pet food and are passionate about your pets getting the right diet to live longer and healthier lives.

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We asked Raw & Fresh the common questions asked by pet parents when searching for a better diet for their pets so we can learn more about the benefits.

What is Raw Pet Food or BARF?

Raw Diet food is also referred to as “BARF” which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. A diet that is based around the principles of evolutionary nutrition to match how your pet’s anatomy is designed to process nutrients. The Raw & Fresh range is designed to get your pet the best nutrition through whole foods. We do not include any nasty fillers, preservatives, or synthetic vitamins/ minerals in our food, so you know you are getting 100% human grade fresh whole ingredients. 

Will a raw diet help my dog/cat with itchy sensitive skin?

It sure will! Dogs and cats are biologically designed to consume meat, offal, bones, and a small amount of vegetables. When dogs and cats are fed a diet they aren’t biologically designed to eat like a highly processed biscuit diet containing high amounts of starchy carbohydrates, meat and fat rendered products and synthetic vitamins and minerals it’s easy to see why our cats and dogs have so many issues including poor coat and skin sensitivities.

A raw diet can absolutely help with skin and coat issues as it does not contain any preservatives or highly processed foods.

Can a raw diet help with joint issues?

Another great benefit of a raw diet is joint and bone health. Good quality nutritious foods contain anti-inflammatory properties which eliminate pain and help repair sore joints! If joints are a focus for your pet, then try fresh sardines or Omega Oil supplements added to a raw diet.

Is a raw diet good for fussy eaters?

At Raw & Fresh we love picky or fussy eaters! Dogs and cats naturally love raw food because their bodies are designed to eat it, it's instinctual! If you find yourself with a fussy picky eater a raw diet can certainly help! If you have a fussy eater or diet problems reach out to us for tips on the best way to improve their diets.

Is a raw diet good for my pet’s teeth?

Often dogs and cats consuming a highly processed biscuit diet will develop teeth and breath issues. The best thing for dental hygiene is fresh bones that are suitable for your dog. Meaty bones act like floss, the tissue and tendons from bones clean between the teeth which is great for oral hygiene. Selecting the right bones for your pet is particularly important so reach out and talk to the Raw & Fresh team to help get you started.

Can a raw diet improve my pet’s mood?

Mood swings in our pets are important to watch out for because they often tell us something about your pet’s health or happiness. Diet plays a big role in improving moods, eating highly processed foods that contain fillers, preservatives and additives can often cause mood swings showing hyper to low mood.

A good raw food diet helps with mood as it is made with real whole foods – it does not contain preservatives/fillers or additives! Fresh whole protein also provides better sustained energy instead of spikes and lows from processed foods.

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