Pets in the Summertime

Pets in the Summertime


We’re finally here Pawshakers! The first week of what is sure to be a long and super hot Aussie summer, and we can’t wait to get into the Christmas spirit with you and launch into the busiest pet-sitting season of the year. We thought it might be time to revisit some helpful tips for the hot weather to make things more comfortable your furries and for owners and pet sitters alike!

Slip, slop, slap!

This wise jingle applies to pets as well as people, especially if you have a light-skinned cat or dog. To avoid sun-spots and potential skin cancers, make sure your pet has adequate shade (better yet, bring them inside for the hottest part of the day). 

There are affordable pet-friendly sunscreens on the market that are worth checking out for pink ears and noses, remembering that your pet will probably lick their skin so human-sunscreen isn’t ideal. Check out your local pet stockiest for top brands.

Feeling hot, hot, hot

With spring temps already tipping 40 degrees in some parts of Australia, we know how uncomfortable the hot weather can be. Imagine wearing a woolly jumper that you couldn’t take off – how awful! This isn’t dissimilar to what a fluffy pet feels during summer, so make sure your pet has somewhere genuinely cool and shady to shelter in the heat of the day. 

If your pet is inside, keep the air con on if possible, or at best keep your blinds drawn and windows and doors shut. 

Tiles are a great place for a hot pet to flop and cool off – place a damp towel or ice cubes on a tiled floor for them to lick and play with.

If you own a very fluffy breed such as a Persian cat or husky, consult with your vet about a summer shave or trim.

It’s also worth noting that cats are a little better at chilling out than dogs, so if you have a playful pooch maybe save the most energetic playtime for the cool of the afternoon by hiding toys and saving walkies till then! Keep this in mind when booking and scheduling your dog walker or home visits through Pawshake ;-)

And VERY importantly, never ever lock a pet in a car during summer. Check out our blog post for tips on how to avoid this.

If your pet displays any signs of heat stroke (such as vomiting, panting, , weakness, extreme lethargy, dizziness, dribbling etc) then take them straight to an emergency vet. And sitters – get your pet owner’s preferred vet practice details and make an emergency plan BEFORE they go away!

Water, water everywhere

Water is so, so important for pets and humans in summer. Encourage your pet to drink by having several fresh water resources around the house. 

A few extra bowls and buckets is a great idea as water can evaporate surprisingly fast in the dry heat – leave a few around the house if you have a pet-sitter coming over to feed your pet while you are away in case your pet knocks their water over between visits. A bucket or tub of water can also provide a lot of fun for your pet if they are the splashing type!

Ice-cubes as mentioned can be entertaining for your pet – drop a few in your pet’s water bowl for extra chilly water, or freeze a plastic bowl of water to create an icy dome for them to lick!

Keep an eye on your pet’s wee habits - if you’re worried your pet isn’t getting enough water, try some wet food in their diet.

Fear of fireworks

The silly season can mean there are lots of new things for your pet to deal with – noisy neighbours, new guests in the house and worst of all - fireworks. These can all be pretty stressful so make sure your pet is securely fenced in and has access to their own quiet inside space during these times, whether than is a spare room, under a bed, in a box or in a dog house. 

Feliway is a great option to calm cats down – leave a few plugged in if you know there will be guests or fireworks. And don’t forget to give them plenty of attention and exercise when things are calm to vent that kitty energy! 

And remember you can always rely on Pawshake to provide you with a pet sitter to help out if things are too hectic!