How much does a pet sitter cost?

How much does a pet sitter cost?


The average cost of a pet sitter in Australia

The cost of a pet sitter depends on their experience, the service and any special requirements a pet needs. Below are the prices that you can expect to pay for a pet sitter in Australia.

  • Dog boarding: $15 - $70
  • Drop in home visits: $10 - $35
  • Dog walking: $10 - $40
  • Doggy daycare: $20 - $65
  • House sitting: $35 - $90

Pawshake pet sitters are pet lovers who are passionate about the well being of pets. They offer their services mainly because they enjoy it and have a big heart for animals. Using Pawshake is completely free when you click on the 'contact' button on a sitter's profile. You only pay once you have confirmed to proceed with your chosen sitter.

Factors that affect the cost of a pet sitter

Every pet sitter on Pawshake determines their own prices for each service. Read below to learn more about the factors that can affect the cost of a pet sitter.

Experience and popularity

Pet sitters who are just starting out or have less experience may set prices that are a bit lower than more experienced sitters. Over time as they get more bookings and gain experience that deserves some extra compensation, they may choose to slowly raise their prices. 

Please note that at Pawshake we use minimum prices to prevent a 'race to the bottom' happening. We have high expectation of our sitters and we also want them to get fairly compensated. 

Popular sitters who receive a lot of booking requests might set higher rates because their time and space is limited. Pawshake sitters who provide home dog boarding or doggy daycare offer small-scale personal care. This means that they only take in a very limited number of pets at one time. Some sitters may also choose just to take in 1 guest pet at a time. Unlike a big kennel or dog hotel, they can't accommodate 10 or 20 dogs at the same time. So although the price home dog boarding is not necessarily cheaper than in a kennel, it is much better value. Most kennels will charge for extras like photo updates, extra space, walks and playtime. However, this is all included with a Pawshake pet sitter and your pet will also get to be more comfortable in an home environment. 

Read more about how you recognise and choose a great pet sitter profile here

Knowledge and special skills

While pet sitters all have some experience caring for pets, some of our community members have very special skills and extensive experience. We're proud to have veterinarians, veterinary assistants, dog behaviour therapists, animal shelters volunteers, groomers, professional breeders, feline therapists and more as part of the Pawshake pet sitting community. This gives you plenty of opportunity to find the perfect sitter for your pet. For example, if you have an energetic dog that could do with some training, or a cat that needs daily medication, you'll be able to find a sitter who has the experience to manage that. Special skills that demonstrate experience and knowledge may cost a little extra, but the reassurance is worth it! 

Travel expenses and extra requirements

The prices on a pet sitter's profile is all-inclusive: there are no hidden costs. However, while pet sitters take extra care in setting their prices for all scenarios, some extra circumstances may result in them providing you with an updated rate. Some examples include:

  • If you are located outside of the travel distance they have catered for,
  • Your pet needs very specialised intense care (for example, wounds or injuries that have to be consistently monitored)
  • Additional special requirements (for example, training, grooming, behaviour modification)

In these cases, the pet sitter should be transparent and explain this to you. You then have the option to proceed or to continue your search for another pet sitter. There are absolutely no obligations when you contact a Pawshake pet sitter.

How to book a pet sitter

Once you have found a great pet sitter, you can book and pay via the Pawshake website or our free Android or iOs Pawshake app. When you do this, both you and the pet sitter gets access to our in house customer support team. Most importantly, your pet is covered by The Pawshake Guarantee (which includes veterinary coverage and more) and you can leave a review for the pet sitter after the booking.  

Click on the 'book now' button in your message thread and pay online securely via Paypal or credit card. Once you've made the payment, Pawshake will hold the money safely, until the booking is complete. This is the most secure way to book a pet sitter. Never worry about about when or how you pay your sitter: we will arrange it for you, right after your pet has been well looked after!

Please remember, you should only book a sitter after you have made contact with them. You can contact a sitter for free by using the 'contact' button on their profile.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact our friendly customer support team. Or are you ready to find your perfect pet sitter? Start searching now.