Pet safety checklist for ANZAC day

Pet safety checklist for ANZAC day


ANZAC day is just around the corner – you might have a dawn service planned, a visit to the local RSL club for a few rounds of two-up or a day at the nearest remembrance parade. With so much going on, we want to make sure our pets are happy, safe and sound throughout the ANZAC weekend.

Whether you’re pet sitting or own a pet yourself, have a quick look at our pet safety checklist to make sure you’re prepared.


Make sure that your pet’s microchip details are up to date and that their collar has identification tags with your phone number attached, just to be on the safe side. This is especially important if your dog or cat is boarding at a pet sitter’s home.

Emergency vet 

A lot of local vets may not be open or have limited hours over the ANZAC long weekend so do a quick Google search to check of what nearby emergency vets may be open. If your pet is being minded over the weekend, let your pet sitter know your preferred vet and an emergency number so they can reach you.

Food and alcohol

Many of us enjoy a few beers, a barbeque or a picnic on ANZAC day. Keep human food scraps well out of reach of hungry pets and never leave any alcohol lying around carelessly as it can be very harmful to our furry friends.


Keep gates and doors shut throughout the day if you have guests coming and going or live in a noisy neighbourhood - and of course make sure all fences are secured! 

Public places

If you’re bringing your dog with you to the park, a public service or a dog-friendly pub, keep some treats in your pocket, a supply of poo bags and a portable water bowl just in case.