'Oh Crap' - saving the world one poo bag at a time!

'Oh Crap' - saving the world one poo bag at a time!


This week we had the pleasure of chatting with ‘Oh Crap’ founder Bruce and his gorgeous rescue pup Brady about all things dog poo, landfill, and saving the world one poo bag at a time. 

We were pretty amazed to find out that regular plastic poo bags can take up to 100 years to break down -  and even regular ‘biodegradable bags’ can take up to 2 years. 1.3 billion plastic doggy poo bags go into waste every year in Australia alone - so Bruce saw an opportunity to make a huge difference. 

So Bruce, why poo bags? 

I was walking my dog (Brady the Rescue Wonderdog!) and every time I had to use a plastic bag after I exercised him, it got me thinking that there simply had to be a better solution for this. There’s millions of dogs doing this every day - surely someone has taken action on this. I started doing some research and was astounded at what I found and didn’t find! The creative wheels started turning and here we are.

Tell us a little about your product?

Unlike other doggy poo bags on the market, ‘oh Crap’ PVA poo bags break down and totally disintegrate within 6 months, rather than taking up to 100 years like regular plastic bags! (PVA is the same material used to wrap your dishwashing tablets and washing detergents that are designed to disintegrate in water.) Our goal is to reduce the amount of plastic bags going into landfill each year by 100 million. 

Amazing - so do you send them out to us? How does shipping work? 

We get that Dog Poop Bags aren’t on the high priority list for most people. So we’ve made an attempt to make your life easier by bringing you 6 and 12 month packages of the bags. We’ll even send you a doggy poo bag carrier to take on your walks, and send a reminder as your renewal time comes around. Time is important for you and we want to give you a little back by delivering these to your front door for you.

You mention that you donate 30% of all profits to causes and charities - lots of our host and guest pets come from rescue organisations, so we love this. What made you decide to give? 

One of our core values in this mission is to make change happen. And after speaking to lots of dog clubs, dog causes, charities etc we realised that raising funds is a constant challenge for them, it was a pretty easy decision - they need help, we can help, let’s do it.

OK so we are all in love with Brady here at Pawshake - tell us a little about the dog that inspired your business.

We got him as a rescue dog from GAWS in Geelong - he was 18 months old and found wandering around in cold, wet weather - badly abused and very shy.  One of the everlasting great first moments was the night we bought him home and put food into his bowl - he gave us the look of -  "Is it really ok to eat this? Is this for me? Are you serious?" It's like it was yesterday and we still tell people about that story when they meet him for the first time. He's a super happy thing and because I work from home, he has company all day.  He talks, especially if I ask him to say yes or ask him if he wants to go for a drive in the car - he loves the car! He's now about 7 years old, he's well and truly landed on his feet and loves life. He’s currently on my office floor in his bed, snoring!!!!!