A Melbourne bakery for pets!

A Melbourne bakery for pets!

A Melbourne bakery for pets!


Pupcakes, catcakes, pet-friendly lolly-pops....there's a treat for every four-legged friend at Supaw Pet Bakery in Melbourne! We had a chat with the lovely company founder Meg, who tooks us through the ins and outs of baking delicious and healthy cakes for pets. Now you know what to get the pet that has everything this Christmas!

1) How did the Supaw Pet Bakery get started?

The journey began with my dog, Cookie - she has some congenital issues which restrict her to a vegetarian diet. There are a limited selection of treats that are available for her, which means that when Cookie goes for a walk I have to reject most dog treats offered by other dog owners. She would sit in front of you and stare, begging for a piece. I felt this was really unfair on Cookie, since she hadn't done anything wrong and is very polite, yet we had to restrict what she could eat. Hence, I started looking for alternatives treats that Cookie could have.  Through trial and error, research and veterinarian advice, I created my first vegetarian treats for Cookie and she literally devoured them. 

During Cookie’s 5th Birthday, I baked a dozen cupcakes for her and her paw friends - every dog at the party devoured the cupcakes despite the cake mixture being vegetarian - there were even people walking by who asked me if I sold these pupcakes. This was how Supaw started. 

At the beginning we only made vegetarian cakes and treats. But since most dogs and cats love meat, we added meaty cakes into our menu.

2) Your website made even our mouths water! What kind of delicacies can pet owners find in your online store?

Our online shop offers a wide variety of products, from doggie cakes, cat cake to gourmet treats. All products are as healthy as we can make them, with no added salt, sugar, butter, by-products, artificial additives or preservatives. By far our most popular product is the "Customised Portrait Cake", where we make a cartoon portrait based on your furry baby’s appearance on top of the cake. The ending product is always mighty cute and we have a lot of fun making this cake as well. 

Our most recent product is a herbal mixture for cats. This item works like catnip (gets cats really excited…and weird!). This idea came from research that in Australia there are 50% of cats do not react to catnip. Like Cookie, it would be unfair to leave this population of cats out of the pleasures of catnip.  Thus the cat concoction "Meowjuana" was born.

3) We notice all your products are pet-friendly and free from nasties. Can you tell us a little about the difference between a cake for humans and a cake for a pet?

I would say the biggest differences are dairy and meat. Human cakes are sweet and creamy, covered with whipped cream or butter cream. However many pets are lactose intolerance and dairy gives them an upset stomach. Our dog cakes are covered with sweet potatoes - no lactose, no concern. Pets also prefer to consume food containing meat. Thus, most pet cakes have added chicken or beef.  I don’t think any human will enjoy their birthday cake with beef or chicken inside!

4) Do you have any pets? Do they enjoy a baked treat every now and again?

That is a definite yes.  Our dog Cookie is Supaw Pet Bakery’s CEO. She works very hard to make sure every tray of treats is delicious and fresh.

5) What’s the most unusual request you've had?

So far, I really don’t think any order that we have received is out of the ordinary. There will be times when a pet owner requests a product the day before and a lot of times this is impossible to fit in our busy schedule. We always try our best to complete the order as requested but at times, rushing the order leads to a poorly produced product. Hence, we always ask pet owners to send in their request a week ahead of time for us to properly prepare the product. All in all, I feel all who have ordered from us so far are reasonable and friendly.