Meet Dr. Jo of Creature Clinic!

Meet Dr. Jo of Creature Clinic!


We recently got in touch with Melbourne super-vet Dr Jo of pet blog Creature Clinic to talk all things four-legged!

Dr. Jo started Creature Clinic as an easily accessible online source for pet owners - the blog covers everything from pet health, training tips, pet first aid, and of course funny stories from the vet clinic. 

Apart from being a busy vet and blogger, Jo is a mother to human babies, and the proud mother of three furbabies and a lizard. “My lovely old Border Collie, Anika, [used to be] utterly obsessed with tennis balls but has recently shifted her focus more towards naps and food,” while her younger Border Collie, Billy, “would be overwhelmed with joy if he could spend his entire life snuggled up on my lap.” Jo also has a 1-year old Burmese cat, Loki, who she has trained to fetch, jump, sit and beg!  

When she’s not working at the clinic, studying, or hanging out with her human and fur-family, Jo is busy hand-packing and sourcing items for her Creature Clinic Pet First Aid Kits. 

 “As a vet I've seen so many animals pass through the clinic doors that could have benefited from from basic first aid prior to arrival,” says Dr. Jo.  “I don't, in any way, advise first aid as a substitute for veterinary attention.”

“I decided to produce the kits and the accompanying manual because I believe there is an opportunity being missed in many situations to help our four-legged friends more quickly.  There are some very simple things that can dramatically improve the outcome of an emergency, and I hope to teach these things to as many pet parents and carers as possible.” 

Our community manager and notorious dog-lover, Sarah, has been taking her Creature Clinic first aid kit around in her car to all her Pawshake walks and sits. “It’s such a well-stocked and useful kit - I couldn’t believe how much stuff is in there - it’s better equipped than most human first aid kits I’ve seen,” says Sarah.

“Of course, you always hope that nothing goes wrong, but on the off-chance that your furbaby plays a little too hard there is anything you would ever need. Not only is there first aid products, but a really useful, clear and comprehensive first-aid guide by Dr. Jo - waaaaay better than a panicked google search . It’s great to have on standby for peace of mind.”

We asked Dr. Jo what motivates her most during the crazy busy times between the clinic, her family and regularly adding amazing content to Creature Clinic. 

“I strongly believe that helping to maintain the wonderful bond between a pet and their human is reason enough for a happy dance” says Dr. Jo, I'm always busy, always learning, and mostly doing things I love.  I think I'm pretty lucky.” 

Dr. Jo has an exclusive offer for Pawshake users - $10 off her first aid kits, which normally retail at $69.95!  Go on her website and check them out, and grab one for yourself and your furbaby today! Or check out the Pet Hub for useful tips on pet health and training - or get yourself trained in the comfort of your own home with her soon-to-be-released online pet medic course. Jo is also on twitter, instagram and facebook.