Learn to be a Top Petsitter!

Learn to be a Top Petsitter!


It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks right? We pet sitters are no different, so why not brush up on a bit of pet-care etiquette early before summer hits? After all, practice makes purrfect. Pawshake runs smoothly when our sitters have autonomy, common sense and knowledge of how to do the job - and we want to help you get there! 

Tip One - Communicate!

Good news - quick responses are rewarded (good boy/girl!) with increased visibility on Pawshake, so get messaging! Whether with us, with pet owners you are planning to work for or with an owner you have to decline. Think if you were a pet owner searching for a sitter, and wasn't hearing back from anyone you had written to, or had to wait for days for a response. Stressful, right? This also doesn't build trust with someone who could potentially be caring for a beloved pet. A quick message takes minutes, even if you have to follow up with a more detailed response later, and always give the heads up if you can't do the job or if plans change. 

Regular messages and photos during petsitting are one of the best parts of using Pawshake, as they are part of that one-on-one level of care a pet receives when you can personally choose a pet sitter. Owners love, this so have fun taking some stylish pet portraits!

And don't be afraid to get in touch with us anytime if you need a helping paw :-)

Tip Two - Use Tools!

Like a well-fitted training harness on a puppy, we want to give you tools to make petsitting easy! Log into the website to use your handy calendar tool for marking dates that you are unavailable, and make use of the 'holiday' mode on your profile should you ever need a little break from sitting. There's also our new improved app (downloadable here for IOS and here for Android) so you can make or take bookings and keep pet owners in the loop when you're on the go.

Having a purrfect profile is another massively important part of being a top petsitter, and is also fun! Think creatively - exciting text, fun images, a catchy title - here is a blog with some excellent tips on getting your profile into shape. And get in touch with us if you'd like us to give you a verification phone interview, as this will help your profile's visibility and looks fantastic for potential pet clients!

Tip Three - Think Ahead!

Sit, staaaay - being one step ahead of the game really pays off when it comes to petsitting. Think of scenarios that could come up and have a plan in place with the pet owner - get emergency contact numbers (and a backup just in case the owner can't be reached), make sure their preferred vet knows you're looking after their fur baby and get as much health and behavioural information about the pet as possible before the sit begins.

Here are some super handy blogs on being prepared, so go grab a cup of tea and get studying!

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What's in a petsitter's bag

We have a lot of fun and informative blog articles not mentioned here, so have a browse! And if there is anything you want us to write about pop it in the comments below.

Tip Four - Be Good.

The Pawshake rules are there for good reason! We want to keep all our furry friends safe by making sure bookings are accountable and covered by the Pawshake Guarantee - so be sure to use the right channels and don't make cash bookings outside of Pawshake! And if anything unexpected comes up (such as a naughty puppy chewing some shoes, or barking a bit more than you can handle), remember to stay calm, keep it open and remember you are a proud Pawshake petsitter - we are there to help, there is nothing that can't be solved between owners and pet sitters with courtesy and friendly communication!

Tip Five (the golden rule) - What Would You Expect?

The number one commandment which sums up everything Pawshake - if you had a pet and they were being looked after, what kind of service would you expect? If the pet owner was in the room with you and their pet, how would you behave? You'd love your sitter to go that extra mile, to really love your pet like one of the family and keep you in the loop. Remember this and you will be sure to keep purrs happening and tails wagging!