Jobs for pet lovers

Jobs for pet lovers


Vets, groomers, dog trainers, ... the list goes on of commonly known pet-related occupations. But there are many jobs working with pets that are just a little different! Here are five lesser-known pet jobs that are worth considering.

1. Pet insurer

We all want to care for our pets as well as possible, but a trip to the vet can be a very expensive exercise. For this reason the pet-insurance industry is a rapidly growing one, with many new companies popping up all the time. This might be the one and only desk job to suit all the animal lovers out there!

2. Pet food taster

Did you think that pet food is only tried and tested by cats and dogs? Think again! Pet foods have to be evaluated by human tasters as well. If this makes your ears prick up and your mouth water, there’s good news: it pays pretty well. The downside (and the reason it pays so well) is that you need to be willing to eat dried pellets with, among other things, animal proteins originating from offal and carcasses. Delicious ...

3. Pet sitter

From passion to profession! Pet sitters are a great alternative to boarding kennels, as pets can stay in a comfortable private home environment with personal care. You don’t have any pets, but would love to take one into your home now and then? The answer is easy - become a pet sitter on Pawshake. Spoiler alert: it’s a really awesome job!

4. Pet psychologist

As most owners know, pets have emotions too ... And pet psychologists maintain that they can be afflicted with psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Can you see yourself helping to improve the mental health of pets? Then this is the job for you!

5. Pet handler for a travel company

Leaving your lap dog in the luggage compartment of an airplane? No way! Why not consider a company such as Jet Pets, who specialise in transporting pets interstate and overseas with care and personal attention. Working in the travel sector and caring for pets at the same time? It’s possible!

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