The ideal pet sitter profile

The ideal pet sitter profile


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If you are looking for dog walking services or doggy day care, it is important to choose a sitter that fits your situation perfectly. But what should you look for in a pet sitter profile? How do you use this to choose a reliable pet sitter that just 'clicks' with you and your pet? There are a number of important things to look out for in a good pet sitter profile, so we have put together an easy checklist for you. And do you want to be a pet sitter yourself? Here's a tip - make sure your Pawshake profile meets the following requirements. 

These are the 5 things you need to look for:

1) Beautiful and relevant pictures

A great picture says more than a thousand words. Beautiful, well-lit and high-quality photos convey a positive feeling and show at a glance with whom you are dealing with.

It all starts with a clear profile picture. A great profile pic shows the sitter's face without any sunglasses, filters or effects. The first impression you get from a sitter is very important, and something as simple as a great profile pic can make all the difference.

A good pet sitter also shows who he or she is by showing with gorgeous gallery pictures. These gallery pics might be photos of the pet sitter playing with pets or walking dogs. Gallery pictures can also give an impression of the environment where your pet will stay. Dog sitters that offers 'doggy day care' might show pictures of their house and garden, or of the places where the dog (or cat) can hang out. For example, someone who offers dog walking service can show photos of off-leash areas in the neighborhood. In short: great gallery photos literally give you a clear image and an idea of what to expect from your sitter.

2) This is me!

A detailed description explains who the petsitter is and why he or she chose to start taking care of pets. Where does the love for pets come from? What is the personality of the pet sitter, in what kind of household does he or she live? If you are looking for the perfect dog sitter, it is important that your most pressing questions are already answered in the description on the pet sitter's profile. For example, about their experience: What kind of experience does this person have with animal care? Does the sitter have pets of his or her own? What is their education and training? Did the sitter take any courses, read books or volunteer in a shelter?

Of course, there is plenty of room in the description for other interesting facts about work, hobbies and other personal things. You are of course looking for a pet sitter with whom you have some chemistry, so a personal touch is also very important!

dog chewing on toyDon't forget to bring your dog's favorite toys to your pet sitter's place

3) A description of the sitter's services

At the top of each profile, you will always see services provided by the sitter, such as doggy daycare, pet boarding, house visits (often used for cats) or dog walking service. You will also see the prices listed there. But how these services are put into practice might be different for each sitter. See if you can already understand from the description what the pet sitter has to offer exactly: how long does a home visit take on average? How often and where does the pet sitter plan to walk with your dog? Are small chores around the house (such as watering plants) included? 

Many sitters will also tell you what kind of pets they accept. Only small dogs, for example, or only pets that are vaccinated and microchipped. Some sitters have lots of experience with anxious or aggressive animals, others are looking for a more 'easy going' dog. So look out for a pet sitter profile that not only fits your personality, but also the personality of your pet!

4) Practical information

A lot of practical information is necessary when you are looking for a dog sitting service near you. Think of key transfers, bringing and picking up the dog, bringing along items like food and your dog's favorite toys and blankets, contact details of your vet, emergency contacts and so on. In a great profile, you can already find which practical questions and logistical issues you would have to consider and what the pet sitter has to offer or requires from you as a pet owner.

You will also find important info like the cancellation policy on the pet sitter's profile. This determines whether you will receive a full, partial or non-refund of your money in the event of a cancellation. Most sitters have a 'flexible' cancellation policy, which means that you can cancel free of charge up to 5 days before the reservation.

Finally, a good profile contains an updated calendar. So please always check if the cat or dog sitter is available during your requested period.

5) Excellent communication

No matter how beautiful a pet sitter profile is, you only get to know each other really well when you meet up. Good and clear communication is of great importance if you want to trust your beloved pet to the pet sitter. It's crucial that your cat or dog sitter can communicate fast and efficiently in the event of an emergency, but also when you have to make arrangements for bringing and picking up your dog, key transfers and so on.

So: take the time to get to know each other. At Pawshake, this can be done free of charge and without obligation via the 'contact' button. You see the average response and reaction time on the pet sitter's profile: great sitters respond quickly and clearly to your messages.

Whether you are looking for doggy day care, home dog boarding or you just need occasional dog walking services: in fact, for every type of pet service, your peace of mind is the most important thing. Do you have a great connection with your sitter and your pet too? Perfect! You have a match! Do you have doubts whether this pet sitter can fulfill your requirements? Do not feel bad to say 'no, thanks' as another great sitter is not far away. Your pet only deserves the very best!

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HI my Name is Pia Camilleri

I have work in Child care for 10 years and I'm looking find Dog walking / Dogsitting work on the Northern Beaches .

I'm very Friendly .

And very reliable .

And very trust worthy.

I Love dogs.

I dogsit and dog walk for a dog at the moment.

Kinds regards

Pia Camilleri

Jun 25 2019 - 08:59