Flying your pet with Jetpets

Flying your pet with Jetpets


Have you ever faced the task of flying with your furry best friend, perhaps interstate or overseas, and didn't know where to begin? This week we chat with the experts at Jetpets about all things pet travel.

With pet travel becoming more and more prevalent we reached out to the industry leader in Pet Travel, Jetpets to give us the run down on all things pet travel and how we can best prepare our furry friends for flight.

Jetpets have been transporting pets and zoo animals all over the world for over 26 years and in that time, have written the book on pet and animal transport in Australia and abroad. Their pet travel consultants, trained pet handlers and resident vets have helped reunite thousands of families with their furry family members. Whether you are moving to a new house, buying a new pet from interstate or just taking a holiday Jetpets will get your pet there safely.

If you are thinking of buying a new puppy or perhaps just taking your pet on holiday with you there are few things you should know before embarking on arranging your pet travel.

Here is some great advice from our friends at Jetpets

Can I use my own crate?

Yes, but you need to check it is airline compliant as airlines are very strict on the types of crates they accept for air travel to ensure the safety of your pet during transit. If your pet is travelling in a Jetpets travel crate you can be assured it is airline compliant and sized up perfectly for the comfort and safety of your pet. 

Will my pet be comfortable during flight?

Yes, pets travel in a climate controlled and dimply lit cabin. Your pet will experience the same sounds and feelings as us, except they have a lot more leg room. Their travel crate is securely fastened to avoid movement.

Will my pet be provided with enough water to last the trip? 

Pets are lodged with sufficient water for their travel journey and water containers will be topped up during stop overs during longer flights. 

Should I sedate my pet for the trip?

Sedating your pet can be harmful to them during the flight. It can lower their blood pressure and cause dehydration. If your pet is particularly prone to anxious behaviour Jetpets recommend Adaptil collars for dogs and Feliway products for cats as an alternative way to make pets feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during travel. A Jetpets Pet Travel Consultant can arrange this for you.

How long does it take for my pet to be ready for collection after the flight lands?

This can change depending on the airport. But generally, your pet will be ready for collection 1-2 hours after the flight lands. Alternatively, we can deliver your pet straight to your house or holiday destination at the other end.

Regardless of where you are travelling from, it is best to enlist the help of a reputable pet travel company to organise your pets travel to Australia. Jetpets are the pet travel experts and hold the welfare, safety and comfort of your family members as their top priorities. Jetpets friendly pet travel consultants are specialists in all aspects of pet importation and will take care of your pet move, from door to door.