Fanatical about dogs, cats or both? Become a pet sitter!

Fanatical about dogs, cats or both? Become a pet sitter!


So, you love dogs, cats (or both!) and want a fun, flexible part-time job that involves your passion for pets?

Pawshake makes it possible and super easy - simply create a profile on the Pawshake website, and from there you can begin offering your services as a dog walker or pet sitter.

But what does pet sitting actually involve? And do you have what it takes to become a responsible dog sitter? Satisfy the 5 requirements below, and you're likely the perfect candidate.

1) You have experience with pets

Maybe you had a miniature dachshund as a child. Or maybe you've surrounded yourself with pets your entire life, or perhaps even volunteered in an animal shelter: whatever experience you've had with pets, highlight it on your profile.

Don't forget that there are many different types of pets that require a dog sitter, so there's bound to be a furry friend out there that matches your knowledge and experience. Include specifics of you know about pets and their behaviour, and how you plan to look after the dogs or cats in your care. Showcase what you have to offer, but be honest!

2) You know your own limitations
Small, sweet natured, small cats and dogs: these are easy peasy for every pet sitter.

But can you handle a cheeky, hyperactive kitten that likes to scratch furniture? Or a powerful, headstrong pooch with boundless energy? Be super honest with yourself about your knowledge and experience.

Some pets are fearful and don't get along with other pets or may even try to run away, whilst others are headstrong, unpredictable, stressed or aggressive. Think carefully about whether you're that 'firm' and confident pet handler who knows enough about pet behaviour to be able to manage strong personalities.

3) If you want to look after dogs - you have sufficient dog-friendly walking routes in your local area
Dogs need to be walked every day. Are there enough parks, off-lead zones or other suitable dog walking routes in your local area?

4) If you want to look after pets in your home - it's both safe and pet-proof
If you're a pet sitter who additionally offers a boarding or daycare service, then it's important to make sure that your home is COMPLETELY safe and escape-proof.

This also means that there is sufficient space and not too many pets already in your home (and be sure they are never left alone with each other!). Also be sure there are plenty of comfy spots for the guest pet to snooze and that it's not the end of the world if the odd accident occurs on your carpet or couch.

In other words, your house must be 100% pet-proof and a genuine home away from home for your furry companions!

5) You have a strong sense of responsibility
It can be really hard for a pet owner to leave their beloved four-legged friend with a relative stranger. Trustworthiness is therefore the MOST important attribute for a pet sitter.

As a pet sitter, you're solely responsible for the welfare of the dog or cat throughout the entire booking and essentially become its temporary 'owner' during this period. You must be contactable at all times and know what to do in the event of an emergency. You should also respond quickly to messages, be clear and polite in your communication, answer any questions and show a personal interest in both owner and pet.

We always instruct our sitters to send daily photo updates via the Pawshake app throughout the pet's stay. This is super reassuring for the owner and lovely for them to see their pet having fun in your company. 

Satisfy the 5 criteria above and want to become a pet sitter right now? Pawshake can make it happen! Read more about becoming a sitter here!