A bucket list for your pet

A bucket list for your pet


Would you make a bucket list for your terminally ill dog? Lauren did! This is a heartwarming story about a girl who lost her dearest furry friend to bone cancer.

What would you do for your dog of cat if you knew that they only had a few months to live? When Lauren learned that her dog Gizelle had terminal bone cancer, she was inconsolable. She decided to make the most of her last few months together with Gizelle by treating her to a bucket list. Look at the beautiful and heart-warming pictures that this resulted in!

Lauren and Gizelle in a canoe

Cooking and enjoying fresh lobster together

Eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Going on a road trip

Spending a day at Washington Square Park

Cuddling as often as possible

Gizelle and Lauren must have had thousands of these beautiful moments together!

Would you make a bucket list for your dog or cat? Lauren was thankful that she had the opportunity - “I knew it was her time, and her bucket list really helped me navigate that”, she says.

These pictures remind us never to take a moment with our beloved pets for granted!