Boarding your pet: What to take along?

Boarding your pet: What to take along?


Sometimes it’s a nice option for your dog or cat to stay with and enjoy the company of a pet sitter, for example during the Chrismas holidays so that you can enjoy shopping trips, Christmas dinners and parties without a guilty conscience! But of course you want peace of mind to know that everything has been taken care of and your pet is happy. So what do you have to take along when dropping off your pet to the pet sitter’s place? We’ve made this convenient little check list for you to make life a bit easier.

Photo: Austin Kirk

1) Medical history and vet’s contact data
Be sure to have up to date records of vaccinations and medical history, which you should leave with the pet sitter for the duration of the stay. Don’t forget to give them your preferred vet’s contact data as well. Chances are that they won’t be needed, but there is always the small possibility for a pet to fall ill. In that case it’s important that the pet sitter is prepared and able to act quickly, by having all the necessary info at hand.

2) Food and medicine
Always provide your pet sitter with enough of your dog’s or cat’s familiar food to last for the duration of the stay (and a bit extra, as pets can eat more food when they are anxious and you don't want your sitter to run out before you get home). A change in diet is no problem for some pets, while others react badly to it or are just picky eaters. And it’s always nice if they get their favourite food during their stay, isn’t it? Don’t forget to give the pet sitter some of their favorits chews, treats and snacks. Also remember to leave all of your pet’s medicine, if they need any, with the pet sitter, together with detailed instructions on when and how to administer them.

3) Toys
Their favourite Kong, stuffed toy, squeaky mouse, or that half-chewed bit of rope ... Make sure your pet has something to play with, preferably their familiar toys from back home.

4) Beds and blankets
Staying over at the pet sitters can be a bit of a big event for a pet the first time, and may take a little getting used to. Take along their favourite bed and blankets, so your dog and cat can “make their nest” just like they do at home. For dogs with separation anxiety, you can leave a worn piece of clothing of yours: your familiar smell will reassure them.

Photo: Ian Barbour

5) Collar, lead, poop bags, cat litter, brushes ....
... and everything else you use more or less regularly for your pet. Don’t just assume that the pet sitter has all of it at hand. Make a checklist and check it again before you leave.

6) Last but not least: Your contact details
You can easily keep in contact with your pet sitter via the Pawshake app while you are away, but do exchange phone number and email as well, just in case. Also tell them how to reach you at your hotel or wherever you’re staying, so the pet sitter can always reach you in case of emergency. And it's also an idea to have an extra emergency contact (like a family friend) who can step in and help just in case you can't be reached.

You really don’t want to miss your pet TOO badly while you’re away? The pet sitter can send you daily photo updates so you know what you furry friend is up to :-) Let the boarding begin! Or did we forget something? What would you take along for your pet? Tell us in the comments or follow the discussion on our Facebook page