Be an Animal Superhero

Be an Animal Superhero


Adore animals? Tick! Would do anything for your beloved pets? Tick! Want to actively do something to help all domestic pets but not quite sure where to begin?

First let's look at some facts, because with knowledge comes awareness, and from awareness can come change. The RSPCA Australia states that this year they received 127,304 animals into their care, and in 2013-14 investigated 58, 591 animal cruelty complaints.

As dedicated animal lovers, we at Pawshake know how overwhelming it can be when you come across data like this, and how heartbreaking to feel powerless to help.

But we have good news! We have compiled a list of actions that you can actually get up and DO, right now, to make a real difference in the quality of life of domestic animals in Australia. And if we all collectively took the time to share this with our friends and family and begin a dialogue about how we view and value animals, we can build a culture of kindness, empathy and responsibility. How cool is that!

Adopting for Life

A certified, reputable adoption centre or store adoption day is the number one way to go when it comes to buying your forever pet! With so many sweet cats and dogs needing a home, it is super easy to adopt a perfect pal for your living situation.

Our friends at the wonderful Pet Rescue have launched a fantastic initiative known as the Safe & Sound Pounds project, offering support and tools for the public and for pounds in the adoption and lost and found process. Check them out!

Remember - a pet is for LIFE, so please consider this before adopting!

Roll Your Sleeves Up!

Whether donating time to foster a pet in your home or your skills at a shelter in areas such as animal care, campaigning or administration, every little bit of volunteering helps! The animals and staff will be furever grateful. Initiatives like the RSPCA Million Paws Walk are also a great way to raise much needed funds for our furry friends.

Give Generously

Anything from blankets, old clean towels, office equipment, toys or food bowls might be very useful and gladly accepted. Just contact your local shelter and ask what they need most.

Donating money to shelters and organisations is also an easy way to help them continue the amazing work they do - and donations are usually tax-deductible!

On the Streets

Keep your eyes peeled and trust your instincts. Perhaps you spot a missing pet poster on a telegraph pole or a notice on social media - it can't hurt to share it around your networks. Maybe you see a skinny, sick dog with no collar? Lead the dog away from traffic if you can and give the RSPCA a buzz. Be a voice for animals in your neighbourhood!


Yes, petsitting. Online petsitting platforms such as Pawshake use technology to build a local community of animal enthusiasts - it's the perfect way to teach kids about the responsibilities of pet ownership before officially adopting and also a means of reaching out and getting to know like-minded animal fans. It can also be a real life-saver for owners who might not have the time or financial means of using a kennel.

Being an A+ Pet Owner

Setting a great example and expecting no less from those around you is more important than you realise - people do notice, and helps ensure a more responsible, caring society. Your pet is a part of your family and the way you feed, clean and shelter them should reflect this! Like humans, all pets have the right to be happy, healthy and safe.

What activities do you like to do to help the animals in your neighbourhood or city? Please let us know your ideas in the comments below. Don't be afraid to share, remember many heads are better than one!