10 Paw-sitive New Year Resolutions…for pets!

10 Paw-sitive New Year Resolutions…for pets!


A new year is a fresh start – and though your pet really doesn’t care what year we’re in (there’s a lesson in that for us somewhere!), January can be a great opportunity to improve your routines as an owner. 

So without further ado, here are 10 easy habits you can adopt to improve the quality of life of your pet in 2018!

1) Exercise both brain and body

This goes for you AND your pet. A bit of extra movement, sunshine, stimulation and fresh air every day will improve both of your cardio systems, help to regulate mood and improve sleep patterns. Set your alarm a little earlier for a morning walk and interactive play – it’s a great way to start the day! 

2) Visit the vet – even if everything is fine

Just because your pet can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t have little health niggles that could do with improvement. Regular check-ups are important in monitoring your pet’s weight, dental health and any other issues that might be easy to miss. 

3) Check in on your pet’s diet

Ask your vet if your pet could be eating better (shouldn’t we all!). Your vet may have some suggestions about what you feed your pet, and how much – whether this relates to weight or specific health concerns, or is based on your pet’s age range. Here are some creative ways for you to feed your pet to make it more rewarding and fun for them.

4) Practice dental hygiene 

There are ways to maintain your pet’s pearly whites, including dental chews and/or pet-sized toothbrushes with pet toothpaste, which will avoid a world of painful problems later. Your vet can also arrange a professional clean to make those chompers sparkle.

5) Get into the groom

Make a luxurious brush a part of your pet’s day – perhaps right before bed to wind down. Your pet will love it and it will make things much more comfortable for them in the summer months. Plus, brushing will keep the fluff on the brush now and off the floor later.

6) Bedroom makeover

Throw out any dirty old pet bedding, or give everything a wash in gentle detergent and hang in the sunshine. This is a good way to keep the fleas at bay and will help avoid that dirty pet smell.

7) Pamper time

Give your dog a bath (and a fur trim for the long-haired breeds!) to slough away that layer of dead fur and lighten them up for summer. Ask your vet or a groomer to show you how to clip the tips of their claws and your pet will be practically prancing next time you take them out for a walk.

8) Commit to no human food

We really want to prevent pet obesity and the endless list of health issues that can result. A massive contributor is the feeding of leftovers to pets. The odd bean, carrot nub or scrambled egg isn’t the issue – we’re talking about the feeding of scraps from the dinner table, which are usually high in salt, sugar and preservatives. So commit to no more scraps for your cat or dog!

9) Update your pet’s info

Ahhh life admin…even your pet has to deal with it! Make sure their microchip info is all up to date if you have moved house (and absolutely make sure they are microchipped to begin with). Add worming and vaccinations to this list and your pet will be on top of their paperwork.

10) Safeguard your pet against nasties

Fleas are bad, and can make life super uncomfortable. But ticks (specifically the nasty paralysis tick) can be deadly. Prevention is better than cure – talk to your vet about the various products on the market to protect your furry. Clear up scrub and plant clippings from around the house and always use your hands to check your pet’s fur after they have been outside.